Umm…Does This SCOTUS Ruling Eliminate Biden as US President? … July 2, 2022


Feb 22 2022

Wisconsin, new and explosive evidence will come out, including Pennsylvania as well, at the same time.

Thanks to Paul

BREAKING: The Supreme Court has agreed to take up an election integrity case involving the “independent state legislature theory.” The ruling could curtail the power of state courts to say that election rules set by the legislature are unconstitutional, such as what happened in Pennsylvania

And to Yashua 201


Decertification Is Invitable!!!

Langlade County GOP, Wisconsin joins the state of Texas and Maricopa County, Arizona to unanimously reject the results of the 2020 Presidential Election and that Joseph R. Biden was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States and calls on all remaining 3143 Counties and County equivalents nationwide to pass a similar resolution commensurate with the illegal electoral conduct experienced in each respective county/state.

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