More News of the Day! – July 1, 2022



Goodbye Bitcoin!


Goodbye Bitcoin!


Killnet Hackers Launch DDoS Attack on U.S. Federal Tax Payment System Website

Goodbye Internal Revenue System!


Reminds me of the movie “The Guardian” starring Kevin Costner & Ashton Kutcher.


Joe Biden’s child sex trafficking & Drug Crisis


When does Bretton Woods end?

July 4 2022?

Then be ready for Comex589

When does Project Guardian Launch?

July 1?😇

Research “COMEX 589 RULE” Mr Pool showed us this.

Research Bible Gold to Silver Ratio’s

1 : 15 from memory.

Do you the calculations now.

Silver & Copper are heavily underpriced. It has been the banks secret against us.

Think JFK & Silver. [MAS] 3 Arrows Collapse. [Reserve Bank of India] [Ethereum Collapse] 🔥🔥🔥 Ethereum 2.0 didn’t upgrade. Another 100 days they reckon.

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