Telegram Channels You May Want to Follow :)


Editor’s Note: No doubt about it…we are definitely in a war for accurate information! This is why Trump has created a Space Force for perhaps both outer space and “inner space” for information, i.e. the “digital space” for our world!

Below are a lists of Telegram channels which provide information you many not be able to find elsewhere. Is the information presented accurate? Well, that will be determined by your own personal POV (Point Of View).

Our world IS changing, no doubt about that! My advice for how to best cope with evolving changes? Do your best to stay informed and aware, KNOW changes are occurring which require your own internal BALANCEing which recognizes a NEW You evolving. Regardless of outer circumstances, this process of Self recognition will provide you (and me) internal GROWTH which leads to the realization for BEing a QUANTUM Self who is in…

Quantum Joy!


2 thoughts on “Telegram Channels You May Want to Follow :)

  1. At your recommendation RoseRambles, I joined all the Telegram channels you suggested.


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