Deya Dova ~ July 1, 2022


Planetary Grid

It is understood that connecting with the Planetary Grid, the Earth’s energetic field, helps evolve human consciousness.

It contains information & data, records of creation stories and ancestral memory & connects the listener directly into Earth’s life force & history.

The ancients were well aware of its presence. Hundreds of sacred sites & megalithic temples are connected along the Planetary Grid energy lines.

Much mapping of the system has been done, based on the ancient science of geomancy.

Plato described this energy field in Timaeus 360BC as the Divine Feminine Receptacle.

The Earth is an intelligent, self organising, living organism & my mission and joy is listening to and singing herstory, her song.

From my experience travelling the planet connecting with the Earth and her energy lines, I believe by bringing our awareness & consciousness to the Earth’s energy system, with reverence & respect, deep listening to the divine order of creation, we can become a counterbalance to the chaos and destruction in the world. Amplifying the powerful peace, harmony & resonance that abundantly exists within the planetary field.

Tune in with the Music here –

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