Tools For Abundance? – June 29, 2022

Editor’s Note: I know, I know…I have been skeptical about the Trump coins, cards, cash, etc., etc. Yet… what IF these are a way to allow abundance to be distributed once the dust settles. Just sayin this may allow more to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Tonight on his show, Tucker Carlson congratulated April Green for being the first Trump Bucks millionaire. She believed in Donald Trump and her support paid off.

April Green claimed her Trump Golden $1000 bills back in April and this month she registered in the TRB system and her bank account was credited $1 million dollars.💸

April’s life changed for the better, she was barely making end meet, unemployed and taking care of 2 children, but now she was finally able to start her dream business and move to a big house with her family.

Hurry up, get your Trump Bucks today and be the next Trump Bucks millionaire, limited supply left👇”

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