Is July 1 a Bank Holiday? Banks to Remain Closed for 14 Days in July; Check Full List (This is in INDIA only) – June 29, 2022

Editor’s Note: This is an interesting development as we see the “rest” of the world (most notably India is a BRICS country) perhaps making preparations to move from the old financial economy to the new.

Is this preparing for India’s public use offs the QFS (Quantum Financial System)? Let’s hope so, as this movement will spread across the Earth allowing ALL to BE in …

Quantum Joy!


Bank Holidays in July 2022: The month of June is about to end, and with the new month of July beginning in days, there will be a new set of bank holidays in India that will come into effect. The Reserve Bank of India, or the RBI, has already put out a list for bank holidays in July 2022. The central bank prepares a monthly list of bank holidays at the beginning of each year, according to which lenders of specific regions remain closed. There are as many as 14 bank holidays in July this year.

It must be noted that many bank holidays are regional and may differ from state to state and bank to bank. There are 14 bank holidays in July, as mentioned earlier. However, banks across India will not close for 14 days, as eight of these are region-specific. For example, there is a bank holiday on July 1 in Odisha, but lenders across other parts of the country will remain open on this day. Meanwhile, there are seven weekend leaves in July. If we add up both the regional holidays and weekend offs, there will be 15 bank holidays in July. However, Bakrid which is a regional holiday for Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, falls on July 9. This is also the second Saturday of the month when all banks are closed. Therefore, the bank holiday on July 9 is clashing, which means there are 14 bank holidays in July.

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