June 28, 2022: Desperate People Do Desperate Things—Like Throw Ketchup? ~ June 28, 2022


It’s getting to be more like a war zone across the world.

First—the good news! Link to Telegram.

NaturalNews.com (https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-06-28-dr-carrie-madej-and-boyfriend-recovering-in-icu-after-life-threatening-small-plane-crash-that-resulted-in-severe-injuries-a-miracle-we-are-alive.html)
Dr. Carrie Madej and boyfriend recovering in ICU after life-threatening small plane crash that resulted in severe injuries… “A miracle we are alive”
We have held back on reporting this story until we heard from Dr. Madej, and we asked for prayers of support on social media

We know the cabal is like a cornered animal at this point and the death and destruction involved in their demise will be substantial—but of course less than if they were allowed to continue preying on Humanity unchecked. This had to be done, and it had to be done this way to mitigate loss of life as much as possible. Nonetheless…

My first thoughts when I heard that two Boy Scout troops were on the Amtrak train that slammed into a dump truck near Mendon, MO was that there may be a pedophilia coverup involved, and also that it may be an FU to Trump as he held his rally there on Saturday. This is pure speculation on my part based on past similar events and the historical intelligence concerning children’s organizations and the Scouts, specifically. Also, having Boy Scouts killed or hurt would really tug at the heartstrings of most people.

It could have been a simple accident but… considering the current climate it’s possible it was intentional. I don’t believe this is the first time Amtrak train tracks were sabotaged with a stalled vehicle.

It sounds like there were surprisingly few fatalities but many injuries. It could have been a lot worse, but there was another Amtrak crash in California yesterday so… it’s a bit much for a Qincidence, in my view.

Planes, trains and possibly automobiles could round out the carnage? Let’s hope not.

Something I didn’t see coming but enjoyed immensely was the Unselect Committee’s “surprise” testimony from a WH staffer. OMG—these people all went to the Adam Schiff School of Script-Writing. What a show!

If you’re brave and want to listen to this drivel, here’s the link.

These people really need to get some new material. This is getting old.

The clowns say Trump was so angry that things didn’t go his way on January 6 that he was abusive, threw his lunch at the wall and got ketchup all over, and tried to wrench the wheel of the Beast out of the hands of the Secret Service agent driving the Beast. You really needed a tissue to stem the flow of tears of laughter. These people are stupid. They might be able to get a job at the Babylon Bee.


It was totally unbelievable, but I have to hand it to them—not bad for an off-the-cuff production to detract from the Ghislaine Maxwell sentencing of 20 years for her hand in the Epstein and Co. Human sex trafficking. There’s tons more to follow as the White Hats unpack all the video and testimony about the activities of these sickos over the years and the scores of high profile people, dignitaries, statesmen, socialites, “royals”, and actors they entertained and procured for.

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking crimes

And there’s this, but it might not be true. Better call the judge. Link to Telegram.

Judge Nathan (Maxwell case) intends to impose a fine in addition to her 20 years sentencing.
Inner City Press

Judge Nathan: Ms. Maxwell reported $22 million in asset when seeking bail. I am unpersuaded Ms. Maxwell is indigent. I intend to impose a fine.

For those who want me to vet everything I post, I think the following is disinformation, folks. Usually Jack is very accurate though, so… you decide.

Actual footage of Trump on Jan 6 pic.twitter.com/wwJWFrvmXK

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) June 28, 2022

This next one… I’m not sure so you’ll have to use your own discernment. The crew has awesome discernment.

Trump wasn’t even riding in the Beast after the Jan 6 rally https://t.co/uCbUUzZlw3

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) June 28, 2022

Trump’s response…

President Trump Responding On Truth Social To The January 6th Committee Hearing Today pic.twitter.com/v6CwuxTwVS

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) June 28, 2022


January 6th committee’s “star witness” was just publically debunked in less than 24 hours.
This is a comedy movie.

And of course they don’t want anyone paying one iota of attention to the Forensic Audit of Paper Ballots as presented by Jovan Pulitzer on June 27th which, in a plethora of ways, showed that the election in Maricopa County, Arizona was rigged an in a spectacular way. Election fraud from people, and election rigging via machine. I was so blown away as I listened to the testimony that I jotted down a few figures. Interested?

BREAKING: Forensic Audit/Paper Ballot Analysis confirms (once again) that President Trump won Arizona in a landslide.


Just randomly and in no particular order from my little scrap of paper with circled scribbles on both sides… this stuff is mindblowing.

A biggie: 10,000 people voted and were assigned the same Social Security Number. That is preposterous but we know who those people were, don’t we? Probably Illegal aliens.

Over 200,000 ballots were printed on non-compliant paper, not the official, approved stock the government uses. Dead giveaway. I seem to recall Q or someone discussing a “watermark”???

And 235,000 ballots were modified either by Human hand or by machine after they were counted.

Remember the Sharpie marker circus? That was a huge part of the steal. Previous to the last election Sharpies were prohibited, but in 2020 they insisted people use them and handed them out to voters in the line waiting to vote. Many patriots questioned that and were assured by the Phoenix election gang that their ballots would indeed be counted. They just didn’t say for whom. They may have been adjudicated to Biden.

Here’s one reason why Sharpies are a no-no: the “bleed-through” from Sharpies meant that multiple votes came out of one ballot as the machines read them differently and many ballots were kicked out for adjudication, meaning the election officials were supposed to look at them and determine how the voter meant to vote, or disregard them. [Perfect opportunity to toss them out and replace with Biden votes?]

The audit revealed that two and a half pallet loads of ballots had to be modified in 7 – 12 days of election extensions. Outrageous.

Phil G says his next live show will be centered on the election topic and the Q&A at the end will also be about that only. That’s 9:30 pm EDT/6:30 Pacific tonight on Rumble.

You can’t make this up folks. These people are stupid—and beyond desperate. There is nothing they won’t do to retain or regain control.

Jovan could have made all that up though so I recommend you watch and decide for yourself. The whole evening was interesting to hear but some won’t like the comments about “there’s no Q and no military is coming to save you”. That’s for the snoozers. They need everyone to do the right thing, get informed, get behind a candidate and support them any way they can and get a new band of honest patriots elected to the state government.

I hope the crew is already doing that. Sitting around on chats, blogs, and Telegram all day isn’t accomplishing anything. ACTION is required, on many levels. Have you found substitutes for all your daily products that DON’T come from Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, L’Oreal, Kimberly Clarke,Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, etc.?

The Truth Behind Arizona’s Paper Ballots; Jovan Pulitzer’s BOMBSHELL Paper Analysis Report 6/27/22

The world is getting an education that won’t soon be forgotten. Link to Telegram.

Epstein and Maxwell were members of the Untouchable Class.

Nobody snuck up on them.

Nobody investigated them without them hearing about it and reaching out to their friends in high places to shut it down.

Until suddenly…you COULD sneak up on them. You COULD investigate them and indict them. And nobody tipped them off.

Even as the impossible kept happening, Epstein being arrested, then Maxwell being arrested, the same Cassandra Chorus keeps yelling in the background nothing’s changed.

This is what the Cassandras are missing.

Everything has changed.

Or we wouldn’t have been in that courtroom today.


There will be others.

And when the investigators are ready to drop the other indictments in the cases they’ve built as part of their investigation into these groomers and abusers, the world is now ready for what they’ve found.

And you can quote me on that.

There’s no “hopium” involved in the current situation, my friends. The facts and evidence in front of our faces every day speak for themselves. If all you have is hopium then you’re not paying attention.

We’re on the back end of a long war and we’re winning or have already won. This nonsense is for show and to get the people who don’t want to pay attention to engage and learn from mistakes; that there are serious consequences for us and future generations if we don’t participate in running our government and directing them in what we want.

What we’re seeing now is pathetic when you understand the situation. “When you know, you know.” So enjoy the show—but don’t forget to do your duty.

We know exactly what is going through the minds of the deep state puppets still on the loose. I love this clip.

Eli and I went to our fabulous holistic vet on Friday for a checkup and the next phase of support. She checked in with his body and says he only needs one spray of NANO SOMA each morning and two drops of CBD oil. He could still use a little more weight gain so we’re going to continue the three meals a day past his 6 month birthday, which is tomorrow, until he bulks up a little more. Dr. Frick gave Eli a shoulder adjustment and a coolie bandana that goes in the freezer to keep him cool on our walks.

She was fine with the Stella & Chewy baked puppy kibble and Stella & Chewy frozen meat patties in all flavours; chicken, beef, rabbit, turkey, surf’n’turf, etc. but we increased the kibble.

Eli has a blue-black spot on his tongue that appeared over the past month so we’ve been having fun singing, ♫ “There’s a little black spot on my son today…”♫

If that is meaningless to you, here’s the inspiration.

I don’t believe the Gentle Leader is the device for Eli as Goldens have a lot of loose skin on their muzzle and despite loads of his favourite, high-value treats, Eli did not adjust to the strap over his nose so walks weren’t much fun.

The vet suggested a prong collar, which I used on Mica for a bit but it did nothing he was so big and powerful by that time and led the walks. Eli, however, being younger and smaller, has done very well with the prong so our walks are a little more controlled and enjoyable, too, for me and all the people and dogs who stop to visit with Eli.

A lovely English Bull Terrier named Lucy has stopped two days in a row to get to know Eli and they were having some fun today until she bit his ear and he squeaked so his Mum pulled her away and we parted friends.

We went to the dog park on Sunday and Eli learned to wrestle with a Pommie Husky who bit his neck, laid across his body, and if he stopped, Eli would yip at him to keep going. They ran around the field and got a lot of energy channeled out while enjoying the stroking and hugs from the doggie people there. We’re very fortunate to have such a great park nearby.

This isn’t a piece of abstract art, it’s just Eli wrestling with a towel. Look at those choppers. Can you find them in that mêlée ? He has a great smile, you know.

And with that, my friends, I bid you adieu. I have a long trip to and from the airport tomorrow so probably won’t be on the bridge.  ~ BP

One thought on “June 28, 2022: Desperate People Do Desperate Things—Like Throw Ketchup? ~ June 28, 2022

  1. Not sure I believe vets anymore than the 1000’s of phoney-baloney doctors out there in practice passing on their garbage “expertness” to the rest of us. We all need to wake up to the fact that every branch of the healing arts has been hijacked and corrupted by BIG PHARMA with their lust for profits at any cost.


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