New For You – June 27, 2022

NEW – Russia is set to default on its overseas debt for the first time in more than a century after missing an interest payment deadline today, bondholders claim.

The Kremlin has repeatedly said there are no grounds for Russia to default but it is unable to send money to bondholders because of sanctions, accusing the West of trying to drive it into an artificial default.




Biden has no plan



🔴 Watch: Top Historian Issues Dire Prediction for Future of America: ‘We’re in a Revolutionary Period’

Wouldn’t hurt seeing this again.


A reporter on PNN addresses the re-emergence of Q.

After acknowledging just how many people have been red pilled (over 20% of the American population which is a small estimate) and how 2020 backfired on [them] he says that maybe we should look into the identity of Q.

Was Q baiting them to ask the question again?

Who is Q?


Dis)United Nations: Who Has (& Hasn’t) Paid Their Dues?


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