Lisa Marie Wright ~ June 27, 2022


Violet Dragon

New is now…the old is just making a lot of noise leaving

The old is rapidly crumbling…let it

Engaging participating fighting reacting to that which is crumbling will only allow it to stick around longer Do not feed it and it loses all power

Breathe Remain hydrated and connected to nature and sunshine

💎Remaining in the eye of the storm

💎Being the calm in the chaos/observer

💎Remaining centered in your peaceful heart

💎Letting it all play out

💎Seeing it all as our heaviest density being eternally purged from the hearts of humanity and the planet

💎Embracing, imagining, visualizing magical new beginnings

💎Expecting Miracles Always

…will allow all to play out more rapidly and with greater grace and ease

Nothing can stop what is coming

Know it is Done

LoveLight has won

We come thru it all brilliantly

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