Important Ascension Update – June 27, 2022

Dear beloved ones,

The ascension process is well underway, and the Galactic Federation is working hard to assist the many millions of people choosing to ascend as quickly as possible. This is a monumental process, and as such, some delays can be expected as it is carefully coordinated with more than two million ascension candidates.

The first thing that you need to know, and I am bound to tell you, is that we are not individuals; we are souls. I’ll take it a step further and say we are not even souls: we are consciousnesses. And if we go a step further, we can always exist in pure space.

Know, dear Ones, that you are being helped to raise your vibration right now. This occurs quietly and privately, so you may want to meditate or rest during this time. Feel the love that surrounds you and know that the Galactic Federation is assisting with your release from old patterns to prepare you for your ascension.

You are in the final days of the Ascension Process. It is time to let go of things that no longer serve you and to move into a higher state of being. Make the choice today to be the lightworker you came here to be and to share your gifts with the world.

The vibrations of all people are rising higher and higher, and many of us are finding that the planet is responding by giving us more experiences that feel like ascension.

The ascension experience can be very smooth, or it can hold many surprises for you at this time, depending on how much work remains for you to complete in order to ascend. This might include turmoil within your personal life, dealing with dense energies in relationships, the necessity to say goodbye to relationships that no longer serve you, and feeling very alienated from Source-Creator Source Energy—accepting where you are right now allowing Source Energy to assist you in clearing out dense energies that still remain within your field.

Expect great changes to take place now, as you lift out of 3D and bring in the new. As you know, ascension presents itself in many ways, including changes in life circumstances. Many of these changes are difficult. Yet, they are part of the cleansing that each of you must experience before you are fully ready to embrace your new planetary reality.

Many of you are experiencing rapid changes in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. You remember who you truly are. You remember where you came from.

Ascension reveals your old patterns and brings them to the surface. You may feel fear, resistance, loss, and grief because of this. Although change is sometimes painful, take a deep breath and remember: You can control what you pay attention to. You can control how you feel. And you can choose what to do with each moment that comes into your life.. If you allow yourself to soften and lean into the process, your experience will be more rewarding. You will discover that letting go is much easier than holding on.

There is energy within your world that is as ancient as it is new. It surrounds you at every moment and informs each breath you take. It sustains the very essence of life itself and carries with it infinite knowledge and wisdom. This energy is very much alive right here, right now. It comes through me to inspire you on your journey back to wholeness so that you may more fully express the extraordinary potential of your being.

All of you are being asked to keep your energies clear and to release any physical, mental, or emotional density that you have built up within your consciousness.

The 5th dimension is the dimension of a new age. It will be a time of great awakening for those who can come to terms with their own minds and those of others; it will be for those who accept and honor the planet and all of her beings as one consciousness.

It will assist you in letting go of the thought processes of the mind. To become an observer of your world. To become aware of who you are. To become aware of the layers of consciousness And to clarify the true nature that lies below, which is not a thought or a feeling, but pure knowing.

Reality is a projection of thought. Thought is a projection of consciousness. You will not change the external by changing your body or thinking differently, but by changing your consciousness. By attaining a higher state of consciousness, you begin to reflect a new 5D reality.

In this new reality, there is complete privacy and full security of life. The fifth dimension is a dreamland for humans as it is a second home for them, far away from all their worries and problems.

In this realm, there is a great abundance of everything that a person needs to live a happy and luxurious life. This is the place where nothing is impossible because time and space do not exist. Here you can see your past, present, and future clearly, as there are no barriers of time or space here.

You live a life beyond your imagination.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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