King of Swords – June 25, 2022



“I am the Twin Flame of the “King of Swords”. He is the physical template of Admiral Sananda on Earth. We are Galactic Humans. St Germain and I are the architects of a whole new Planetary Economic and Legal revitalisation to prepare us for Earth Ascension’s reunification with Source.


In this role I and my Twin Flame work with millions of Galactic Humans in Government as well as millions of members of the Galactic Federation to bring about all necessary changes needed to put the “Master Plan”, as it is known, into place.


This will effect all political, financial, military, medical, educational and industrial concerns on the Planet. When the US Federal Reserve is finally dissolved and the new Banking System is in place, as well as the Dark Ones removed from the Planet, we will be free to begin Self Governance.


After the Mass Landings when we reunite with you our Families, you can revisit the Stars where you came from, and when you have become acclimatised and trained to the new technology and new way of life, we will be ready to move more together.


When all inhabitants on Earth have their basic needs met and they remember who they are, and open their minds and hearts to Higher Truths, we will be ready to form a Co consensus Reality together with our whole Galactic Family.


It will be at this time, some months after the Mass Landings that we will begin to meet to develop our Self Governance. There are Legal provisions we have developed that will go into place at the time of the “Announcements”. This is called “The Reformation Act”. As soon as it is announced, there will be immediate provisions that will go into effect.


As we carry out the New Law, other provisions will be put into place, such as re-indexing all Goods and Services, which will guarantee equitable treatment for all. There will be a restructuring of the Financial Institutions on Earth and New Laws which will govern them. These Laws will be enforced Worldwide and there is to be a 16 million Man Galactic and a 4 million Earth Militia in place, headed up by Sananda, with the Mission of maintaining World Peace.


Shortly after the “Landings”, and the changes it brings, we will begin to work together for Earth’s Ascension and Reunification with Source. Earth will be required to establish Laws which work in Harmony with Universal Law and the Cosmic Laws. Earth will at that time be invited back into the Galactic Arena as a full participant. Earth will have Representative Votes at the Galactic Council Meetings with the other Planetary Representatives. Earth will then be able to evolve and expand its Galactic Role for the first time in millions of years. We invite all of you to be aware of these changes as they happen. Become cognisant of the expanding role of Planet Earth.


We will walk together through the legal revitalisation. We will make a Government body which will include all Nations equally and meet the concerns for all involved, fairly. We will be committed to harmony and balance in all countries around the Globe. We will accept nothing less than World Peace. We will rebuild the infrastructure of our Government so that it works to enhance growth and evolution of Earth in the Galactic Governance. As all other Planets in this Local Group of this Solar System, the New Earth will be her own Sovereign Being with her own peoples, diversity, cultures and needs. These will be respected and maintained through the New Legal System which will be in harmony with Source. There will be a reestablishment of Higher Mind working with Love to solve problems and move the Earth forward in her evolution.


In the past, Earth has functioned as disembodied parts with no cohesive connection to Universal Mind. Earth also had a disconnect from Feminine and Masculine balance. In this duality setting, the Financial and Legal systems functioned in imbalanced ways.





King of Swords>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2 thoughts on “King of Swords – June 25, 2022

  1. It’s hard to see through and believe this, I know we are not alone. Yet the feeling of being so insignificant all my life leads me to doubt this I don’t know why. I am not threatened by these beings. I’d want nothing more than to meet them.


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