Roe v Wade Today – June 24, 2022

Navy Seals defending Clarence Thomas.


Nothing can stop what is about to happen next.


Every battle will be won.


Riot [Season]

Capitol Police are NOT PATRIOTS.


Undercover pro abortion groups posing as pro life.


FBI has been told to stand down.


Fox News will not show fair coverage.


The game is won.


R.I.P: Roe vs Wade 😂😂😂

H/T Braunween

Courtesy Joao Lopes







Jane Roe aka Norma McCorvey was a drug addict that Lied about being Raped as the Plaintiff in Roe Vs Wade.

This is all of her own admission.

Roe vs Wade Was Predicated on Lies right from Day 1.


JOE BIDEN, 2006: “I do not view abortion as a choice and a right. I think it’s always a tragedy.”

JOE BIDEN, 2022: Abortion-on-demand, without limits, until birth.


Trump was right again.

Promises made, promises kept

C’est juste exceptionnellement impressionnant

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