“Full Speed” – RV/GCR Update from Goldilocks 6-22-22 ~ June 24, 2022


6-22-22 RV Highlights/GOLDILOCKS

The race to connect virtual assets to the banking sector is at full speed today. Many of these connections around the world are subsidizing each asset with some form of commodity or another digital asset supported by a commodity.

No single asset is left alone. They are all interconnected and woven into a larger framework fueled by the commodity market.

Several upgrades are still taking place on the QFS. It is like a flower awakening into the morning sun.

At this time, we have a group of whales depositing their digital coins onto temporary exchangers from permanent wallets. 

Money can be moved back and forth easily and quickly from a digital exchange center. Digital Exchange Systems have several coins to choose from and are designed to transfer money from one coin to another and one wallet to another quickly. 

Look for them to sell any moment. This dump will create a correction on the virtual asset market. Many investors will be trading for coins at lowball prices created by this scenario.  

It is our first great transfer of wealth that is about to happen. When the dust settles, you will see a leveling-off process take place in the digital markets.

This will take care of the elite and the new digital banking system. And then, we will watch for the next steps leading to the people.


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