Nuclear Weapons Ready for Kaliningrad – Russia: “Time is running out – we are not even seconds away from World War III” ~ June 23, 2022


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By Warnews 24/7
Translated from Greek

Tensions around the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad are escalating dangerously, with Russian journalist and Putin’s spokesman Vladimir Soloviev stressing that “time is running out”.

“We are no longer seconds away from World War III, the seconds are over,” Soloviev said on the set of his evening show “The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev,” threatening the West ahead of the NATO summit.

Soloviev essentially announced an increase in the level of readiness of Russia’s nuclear deterrent strategic weapons.

He specifically said:
“We are not seconds away from World War III”
“I have the feeling that some westerners are watching our program very closely, believing that there are secret clues as to when and if we will hit them.

You do not really understand that we are no longer just seconds from World War III, but even those seconds are already over.

Russia is not aggressive. We are acting very rationally, which is evident from the fact that in 30 years we have managed to move from a country that has almost ceased to exist to a country that you are all afraid of.

And together you all try and fail to break us up.

Russia has superiority in its strategic weapons.

Our innate humanity prevents us from using them. But you can not forever rely on our humanity.

For those who watch and write about our programs, let me remind you that our programs are banned in the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries.

Beware, we have not even started with your countries. You understand how lucky you are that Putin is a very peaceful man.

We even help you in the fight against terrorism. You too;”

The crisis with Kaliningrad is escalating
Vladimir Soloviev, a Russian journalist, television presenter and writer, is launching threats in the wake of the Kaliningrad crisis.

World War II bequeathed to the Soviet Union this small (twice as large as Crete) territory of strategic importance, which was cut off from Russia after the collapse of the USSR. The rich, industrialized province found itself surrounded by NATO states.

The 2002 Agreement with the EU ensured seamless communication between Russia and the enclave, despite the fact that (two years later) the corridor between the always friendly Belarus and Kaliningrad, the Swalki Pass, was now within EU territory.

Today Kaliningrad is surrounded by countries that not only belong to the EU (Lithuania, Poland and on the other side of the Baltic, Sweden), but also to NATO.

This increases the strategic importance of the region for Russia, but also the interest of the West in what is happening there. Just take a look at the military flights and you will find that every day the isolated territory of Russia is “surrounded” by reconnaissance aircraft and, in fact, before the invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Lithuania decided to block the passage of Russian goods subject to sanctions to the isolated territory, angering Moscow. Kaliningrad authorities claim that the ban covers 50% of the goods imported from Russia by the province, ie heavy machinery, spare parts and raw materials. The TASS agency claimed that food transports were also blocked.

Lithuania insists it is simply complying with European Union sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine, and Brussels immediately backed it. Lithuania is in a hurry to say that non-sanctioned products will continue to be transported from Swalki – the rest can be transported by sea.

In this context, Moscow spoke of an embargo that violates international law.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev went to Kaliningrad and spoke directly about a “hostile act” and appropriate, multilevel measures that Moscow is preparing in response to Lithuania.

In this climate of threats against Lithuania, a NATO member, the United States has also discussed Article 5 of the Alliance for a collective response in the event of an attack. This was reminded by Washington on Tuesday.


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