June 23, 2022: UPDATED: On the Brink; the Precipice Looms [videos]


As we await bigger booms, we might consider that since the Earth Alliance insists on doing this takedown in a civilized way without uproar or bloodshed as much as possible, rather than one global, earth-shattering event we should probably expect a series of short, sharp, shocks which will be greater than the sum of their parts. Synergy is very powerful.

UPDATE: I forgot this very big news from Kash Patel: [smirk, smirk]  BOOM! DECLAS  Link to Telegram.

Kash Patel announces that he is officially a representative for Donald Trump at the National Archives: “And I am going to march down there – I’ve never told anyone this, because it just happened – and I am going to identify every single document that they blocked from being declassified at the National Archives and we are going to start putting that information out next week.”


This morning we hear that the gun grabbing attempts in New York state were shot down by the Supreme Court—which renders all others moot at the same time. I didn’t plan that pun. I honestly didn’t see it until I re-read the sentence. Works for me!

SCOTUS Strikes Down N.Y.’s Century-Old Gun Law, Making It Easier for Americans to Bear Arms in Public

So you see, all that drama over the Supreme Court picks, their history, how they were “weak” and let us down on a couple of decisions—all theatre. You had to know they would come through at the end of the movie when it really counted.

Which state will be the first domino?

Unanimous Resolution: Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board Rejects 2020 Presidential Election

I listened to an outstanding discussion between Juan O Savin and January 6th demonstration defendant Trennis Evans on the Pete Santilli show. They got all fired up, shared a lot of information, valuable perspective, and of the “resident” Joe Biden, the “beligerent occupant” of the White House, Juan said, “Watch what happens next.” The Law of War Manual will come into play, no question. For anyone who doesn’t yet grasp the grievous evil nature of the schemers in the SES and the betrayal on the part of the agencies, this interview is for you.

“Do Not Underestimate How EVIL Or How Determined They Are” Treniss Evans & Juan O. Savin

It’s not that difficult to see what happened on January 6 if you look at the facts, but the facts have been distorted and omitted.

It’s coming to light (J6) that the Rotunda doors at the US capitol which weigh 20,000 pounds each had to be opened from the inside. They are secured with a magnetic lock and a code. That means someone put in the code and opened the doors from the inside.#KeeptheRepublicSafe

— Keith R Swank (@Swank4America) January 31, 2022

If you missed Phil G’s update and Q&A last night, one generous soul did an exceptional summary which is posted on Phil’s Telegram. Phil is a main topic of discussion and in his Telegram chat we hear all the opinions. Despite the shills, trolls, and jealous souls, Phil’s light shines bright. He is clearly a major player and as such, takes a lot of slings and arrows. Here’s the link to the first one. Scroll down for the subsequent two. Please note that Phil confirmed my belief that we have entered the “Clarity” phase, part 2 of 4.

The third part of the summary is below. Sorry, no formatting.

“Part 3 of 3
In a remarkable statement tonight from Phil in regards to his past, he told us that he had asked the Lord for forgiveness, and that he wanted to change the direction of his life to help people. He was grateful that 7K gave him that opportunity to not only help him and his family, but also to help the thousands who have benefited from 7K including myself. He said he has made many new friends and some enemies, but that the friends certainly outnumber the enemies.

He was asked about Madyson Marquette and if she was legit? Phil said he had no reason to doubt her. Phil restated that Bill Gates and Fauci have been dealt with. Whether they are alive or not does not matter at this point. They are out of the picture. I am sure that all the farm lands Gates bought have been seized under EO 13848. Just my guess.

The question was asked if the US Marshals were guarding Biden? Phil said you need to know the difference between US Marshals and the Secret Service. The Secret Service guards, but the US Marshals are assigned to one who has been detained. Biden has US Marshals! Think about that! Phil believes that the mandated vaccines have been halted, even for the children.

Georgia was asked about and the elections involving Stacey Abrams and Kemp. Phil said don’t worry about it. We may have some important SCOTUS decisions this Friday, because they extended their announcement dates. The are on recess for some period of time after Friday.

Once trump returns, all of Biden’s EO’s and other policies he has initiated will be rescinded as if they never happened, because he is an illegitimate President. Phil thinks it may be possible that under the new financial system the money for the high gas prices that we have all been paying will be refunded. That would be nice! Phil was asked if he will be involved in the EAS broadcast. He hesitated. Then said yes, indirectly. That was eye opening.

Phil was asked if it would be safe to travel on the 4th of July? He said he could not advise on that. He heard that the new retirement age could be lowered to 55. He was asked if the military will be in small towns? Phil said it will be determined geographically. Key locations near key cities. It will be strategic.

Then he was asked if the DS Players on Wall Street will be dealt with? Harsh sentences will be given to anyone who has been involved in this nightmare of evil. BOOM! His internet went down again. Things are hopping! The HEAT IS ON! Happy 4th of July is all I can say. Get some fireworks! And some more popcorn! God is good. Oh Boy, are we ready? Chiplitfam17chat”

Many try to stuff him into a box but truly, Phil is unique. He’s probably not going to appear on a list of popular social media personalities. He’s a cut above. He plays a unique role, and with 4 million truthers tuning in it’s obvious he is doing great work and he resonates.

Some know his true identity. Others guess. One day we will all find out just what Phil has done to be such a big target. I’d love to see his closet because he must have a room just for comms shirts. What’s sad is that he feels the need to defend himself so often. Phil does such a good job of setting the stage for the information he brings and every podcast is interesting and validating.

He obviously does a lot of planning and preparation right down to his wardrobe. What he says is important; what he doesn’t say may be even more important. If you learned the comms, you’re having a good time. It’s too bad he keeps getting knocked off the air but if he can get that new hardwired setup together that can handle the traffic, I’ll be a happy camper.

We might remember that Phil’s name appeared in a Q drop #101 very early on and that might mean he was involved in those drops so… is he really a “computer hacker”? I suspect it’s far bigger than that. Wait and see.

Graphic confirmed.
08:00 12:00 11_6_TP_Pub
02:00 Z

Choose your thoughts, folks. Don’t overanalyze everything because you don’t trust and don’t have faith. Relax. The best is yet to come.
Remember all that talk about JFK Jr. coming out on July 4th? We still have a knockout punch coming. So much to look forward to. Clues, puzzles, hints, rabbit holes. Fascinating times. Enjoy the show. Rather than biting your nails, eat popcorn to keep your fingers busy.

You might also do some research. The crew brings us one of the best documentaries on the shape of the planet there is. He went from being a glober to a flatter after seeing these scientific, controlled, and very detailed experiments or tests done in ideal conditions from engineers and people who believed the globe theory. Congratulations to the crew member who not only reconsidered his opinion, but admitted it and told us all about it. Fascinating.

Convex Earth – Flat Earth 100% Scientific Proofs Documentary


I also saw this short video on Telegram the other day that is an eye-opener. It shows the bottom of a ship disappearing from the bottom up in an experiment with an extra-long steel girder. Very clever, with surprising results. It’s under two minutes, but after watching this and the video above and where the lights show up for the team across the lake, you will know how the optical illusions are fooling us. Link to Telegram.

I also want to share this video about Light, but in a different application; within us. It connects so many dots and this kind of physics was never taught in school.

QUANTUM LIGHT | The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You! Wake Up!


The “clarity” in this next phase is going to come from better information. The Uvalde, TX school shooting has been a conundrum. Now we can see that agendas were in play and we learned yesterday that the Police Chief was removed and replaced. I hear there’s a lot more to this event than meets the eye. It’s deep.

BREAKING: New photo released of Uvalde police with BALLISTIC SHIELDS in the hallway of the school. Timestamped at 12:04pm

These officers were ordered to stand down by Police Chief Pete Arredondo pic.twitter.com/dgivMP1Bi6

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) June 21, 2022

BREAKING: Uvalde school police chief on administrative leave, will be replaced, after investigation into mass shooting

Uvalde School District Police Chief Peter Arredondo has been placed on administrative leave after failing to provide investigators with an accurate timeline of the events that occurred from within Robb Elementary School.

Texas is a rough place that needs cleaning out. Get a load of this mayor—from the New York Post.

He already has two boys; what was he going to get another child for? Rhetorical question. I have a good idea, unfortunately. Sicko. And look at the credentials… mayor, teacher, father, design engineer, men’s prayer leader… trust no one! A lot of people are now home schooling their children for a multitude of reasons.

Texas mayor and teacher Matt McIlravy arrested for soliciting child online

Another criminal organization—the TSA—at an airport near YOU.

We’re going after the TSA next, folks. Let’s get’em! This is Patriot Act BS put in place after 9/11. Once we deal with these perverts we will back it out and deal with 9/11. Deal?

Just in… Pfizer admits to bribery in 8 countries. Who knew? We did—because some world leaders spoke out. For example, remember this?

Belarusian President Lukashenko States That IMF Offered a Billion USD to Impose Lockdown

This article was from 2012. What has changed? Big Pharma and the globalists have become more ruthless, more greedy—and more desperate.

Pfizer Admits Bribery in Eight Countries

What has happened on this planet will be clearer and clearer as the days go on for the “normies”.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sentencing hearing is June 28. What do you think will happen? Link to Telegram.

A 77 new age pre-sentencing filing was made for Ghislaine Maxwell.

The filing referenced:
📌Her philanthropic efforts, as proof that she has a “desire to do good in the world.” Specifically referenced was work with Clinton Global Initiative.
📌 Presents Maxwell as a victim of pedophile ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein
📌 Says her life has already been ruined by the disgrace of her conviction.
📌States claims that her cell mate was offered money to kill her.

For these reasons, she has asked to serve just four years and three months in jail.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 28th.

And this also from Telegram. These slimy cabal lawyers should be blocked from the bar.

Maxwell Wants to BLOCK Epstein Victim from Testifying Against Her

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers are attempting to block a victim of late pedophile sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein from testifying in her sentencing hearing next week -based on her alleged abuse taking place outside the trial’s timeframe.

The sentencing, scheduled for 28 June, “should not be an open forum for any alleged victim to be heard,” Maxwell’s lawyers wrote in a court filing.

Sarah Ransome said Maxwell “enjoyed knowing what happened” after claiming Epstein raped her at the convicted socialite’s trial in December.

Maxwell faces a maximum of 65 years in prison, but the prosecution is only pushing for 20 years.
🇺🇸Join Us👉 @SGTnewsNetwork

It’s possible that a LOT will be happening in what’s left of June. We’ll see. July 4th might be spectacular. Was it last year that Californians were told “no fireworks” and we saw that helicopter video of Los Angeles with fireworks going off everywhere or was it 2020? It will be interesting this year after all that’s happened with the election and so many more Americans reclaiming their nation.

Signing off for today.  ~ BP

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