INTEL – The Weekly Quantum Shift Radio Show with Dr. Sam Mugzzi & Digital Tom (Audio) ~ June 23, 2022


INTEL – The Weekly Quantum Shift Radio Show with Dr. Sam Mugzzi & Digital Tom (Audio)

KCOR Radio
June 21, 2022

1. Google will be replaced.

Spyware in computers will be fried and replaced by a new internet and devices.

Project Odin is its name.

2. Dead cattle were fed deadly nano particles by the deep state rats which was the real reason they died.

They have no respect for life.

3. Hospitals will be cleaned out and corrupted doctors brought to justice.

They are depopulation centers as the people will find out.

4. A fake nuclear attack will hit Boston which will bring in Martial Law.

Gas rationing will help keep people off the streets due to rioting by the people who have found out the truth of the cabal and its extermination projects.

5. Police, judges and lawyers will be forced to stand down under the military operations.

6. Main Stream Media will be cancelled out and changed.

7. The stock market will fail and clean out the fraudulent deception of over a hundred years.

Traders have already moved to Stamford and Darien Connecticut and the old area is proposed to be an extension of the Manhattan mecca.

8. Military will take over the elections on July 27th and within two weeks after that, tier 4B will be paid. (RV)

9. Extraterrestrials will openly show themselves.

Revelations of all of the evil matrix will be told.

Age regression machines have preserved the youth of JFK and Elvis Presley.

Listen to Pastor Bob Joyce. (Elvis)

* Disclaimer: I do not buy into the flat earth concept that this source promotes. The jury is still out on that one. When the galactics show up here and tell me the earth is flat and then I get in the UFO and go see for myself…then I will change my mind. Until then…it’s a sphere. IMO Mr.Ed 🙂

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