Great Central Sun ~ COLLECTIVE Divine Blueprint – Crown Chakra Activation ~ THE SHIFT ~ June 23, 2022


On this powerful Day as we jumped a big timeline we had massive waves flowing into this realm from the Great Central Sun. These appeared as multiple white spikes of light on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 18hz, 28hz and a big blast at 48hz. Fifth dimensional energetics coming in. The Holy Spirit descends upon the land to enlighten every living heart and join in the celebration of our Total Transformation into the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

We are currently at the Shift Point. The merging of all timelines into the New Time of Timelessness. This is the Harmonic Convergence of all Consciousness of the multiverse. The best we can do in this time of intense energy, resonance and frequency is to relax, breathe deep, and be present in this Now. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling and be mindful 0f your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The Power has been within you all along.

Everything in creation is constantly evolving and changing, yet the Universal Truth never changes and always remains the same, which is Unconditional Love or Christ Consciousness..

As the veils are thinning and we are in the time of the Great Revelation where all is being revealed we are connecting with our Star Families and our missions as Ground Crew 144 are completing. The 3rd density has merged with the fourth and the fifth density is fully anchored in. All is in acceleration mode as we bring to fruition our lifetimes of energy work as master co-creators of the New Earth Timeline. As we hold our visions and dreams and live our passions we are going daily through our death, rebirth, resurrection and ascension into Heaven upon Earth.

Our Great Re-union with our loved ones that have crossed over and our Star Nations will be made whole and complete in our Pure Awareness of Buddha Consciousness. The Oneness of all Life. Mother Father God is transmitting the Highest Light and Love from the Holiest of Holies for our Full Transformation into Rainbow Body Avatars as Guardians and Protectors of Terra Nova Gaia.

Keep living from your Heart being connected to all things in all realms as we make our Final Collective Quantum Leap of Consciousness into Homo-Luminous, beings of Eternal Life…A’Ho!

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