Earth Alliance and Patriot News for June 23, 2022


Submitted on June 23, 2022

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for June 23th, 2022

Moving from the 3rd Dimension World of Duality to the 4th or 5th Dimension of Love & “Service to Others”.(We are moving to 4th Dimension August/September 2022)

Overall: Through newly awakened awareness we are looking at the world with new eyes and choosing to reject many of the long held societal and religious rules that have held so many in bondage. We implement new awakened choices in our daily decisions and feel love and compassion.

Unconditional Love & “Service to Others” in the New 5rd Dimension World!

-) Opening up the Light of God: Consciousness is the substance of form and the collective is opening to a new and higher state of consciousness.

-) We are all connected through the Quantum Realm, with God’s energy. We are connected in the “heart mind” or “soul” through this quantum energy of God. This is the communication pathway to God, all other beings and in the Universe. All answers are within; meditate, pray and listen. God does listen. (Go Within You will Discovery Light of God). (Jesus Gospel: “Break a Stick, and I am There”.)

-) With the 4th or 5th Dimension frequency increasing, so does our knowledge and awareness. This means our “consciousness increases, and we know “We are all one”. We know God’s true light. No more lies, we know for sure that God exists!

-) Opened up to understand and accept Oneness: “We are all One”. Spirituality as ONE opens telepathic abilities and communication. We also understand that everyone affects everyone else. The movements of Spirituality, technology, and caring for one another helps everyone on the planet in so many ways. We call it living in “Service to Others”, and when everyone does this, we will be living in paradise, really “Heaven on Earth”. We together create Heaven on Earth, for All is One”. Everyone and everything are connected.

-) From Yeshua: “You do not need to spend almost all your waking hours focused on those concerns and issues, whereas you do need to spend quiet time every day connecting with Source, by sitting peacefully as you invite Love into your hearts to embrace you and reinvigorate your energy fields.” 

-) You are adequate, therefore live and work together while living life with meaning; harmoniously, lovingly using your individual skills and abilities. You have awakened into the Reality of your Oneness, your inseparability from Source, and therefore from one another. Source is Creation, and so, therefore, you are a Creator.

-) MOTHER/FATHER/GOD – “The Almighty Creator of All Creation” is Love and Compassion, therefore so are you!

-) When you honor and respect yourself, the God Self, you honor “The Almighty Creator of All Creation.”

-) MOTHER/FATHER/GOD “The Almighty Creator of All Creation” neverblames, judges, or condemns –only embraces all most lovingly. 

) Love is within yourself, all judgment has fallen away and, you are most happily at peace with yourself in complete self-acceptance, and in loving and compassionate acceptance of all others.

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