Now Playing At A Continent Near You! – June 21, 2022

DRC/Uganda/Rwanda – Muhoozi’s tweets threaten regional balance


[DS] plans to Use [DEMOCRATIC] REPUBLIC OF CONGO to bring war and civil unbalance in Uganda>>>>> eyes on the GOLD


The 2021 South African unrest, also known as the Zuma unrest or Zuma riots, was a wave of civil unrest occurred in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces from 9 to 18 July 2021, sparked by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma for contempt of court.

☝️ CABLES:; [ DS] ready to re-start the RIOTS in the next week’s coming…..


African Lion Military Exercises to Kick Off in Morocco on Monday


Led by the U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa, African Lion 22 will execute in four countries: Morocco, Ghana, Senegal and Tunisia.

Militaries from Brazil, Chad, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom will join U.S. and host nation troops. U.S. participants come from all service components, including the Reserves and National Guard.

African Lion 22 features a joint task force command post exercise, a combined arms live fire exercise, a maritime exercise, an air exercise including bomber aircraft, a joint forcible entry with paratroopers into a field training exercise, a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear response exercise, and a humanitarian civic assistance program event

________>we all know what exercises means.////

They are getting ready for EVENTS


Military exercises are sometimes used as cover for build up to an actual invasion such as in the cases of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia and the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, or it can provoke opponents at peace to perceive it as such in the case of Able Archer 83.


One of the biggest-ever Nato exercises in the Baltics had taken place and now over with Millions in munitions and artillery moved to Baltic countries

> “Hedgehog”, the drills involve 10 countries, including Finland and Sweden, which are expected to formally apply to join NATO

The exercises in Estonia, which will last until June, were arranged before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin has said Russia has no issue with Finland or Sweden, but a military expansion near its border would demand a reaction.////


Major movements of Serbian military and artillery continue through the region with China supplying Missiles the past months…..


Russia and China Held Military Exercise in East Asia as Biden Visited


Chinese in Taiwan airspace.

One thought on “Now Playing At A Continent Near You! – June 21, 2022

  1. Cobra said 1996 was going to be the time of ‘the event’, but the Archons retaliated and invaded Congo, due to stargate tech being there, and got back up. They begin implanting folks and thus, the ‘great forgetfulness of ’96’ began. And I noticed that, by the end of 1996, into 1997, things CHANGED….everything felt darker.


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