BidAn Among Us… June 21, 2022

You have been prepped.

Are you going to:

Mask up?

Vaxx up?

Shut up?

Close up your business?






🔴 Watch: Biden Takes Shot at Reporter Saying Recession Could Be Inevitable: ‘Don’t Make Things Up’


🔴 Watch: Biden’s Daughter, Granddaughter Step in as Biden Speaks to Reporters: ‘Nope. No More Questions’



Multiple resignation from the Biden admin and white house staff Has happened and continues happening…>RATS JUMPING SHIP<

_Jen Psaki

_Vedant Patel

_Mike Gwin

_Micheal Kikukawa

_Dana Remus

_Amanda Finney

>21 Black Staff members have left the White House, with many more planning on resigning their post,,,… The Exodus has been name> The Black Exodus from the White House

POLITICO reports a current staff member inside the White House who has concerns of the Black Exodus and called it BLAXIT

Two thirds of BIDENS press have left in the past two weeks.


☝️ Behind the scenes… BIDEN ADMIN. AND WHITE HOUSE STAFF are in PANIC

Ever since the Bilderberg group hosted their event in DC …. Things have been going down HILL


Where’s James Comey?

What’s happening (going to happen) with the VATICAN?



Enjoy the show.



🔴 CNN Considers Major Staff Shake-Up Amid Tanking Ratings: Report


🔴 Ghislaine Maxwell Reveals New Details About Her Relationship With Bill Clinton


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