Invocation to the Golden Flame of Illumination ~ Emmanuelle Prayer ~ Atlantis and The Mer People – DIAMOND LIGHT CODES ~ June 20, 2022


Editor’s Note: I will add a note to this commentary…to “believe” is not sufficient for me as beliefs are easily changed according to available information. KNOWing is a base (and thus foundational) which IS. Our human conditioning has taught to to believe…our challenge is to KNOW instead, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Happy Fathers day to all our Divine Masculine BroThors of the Light that are our Protectors and Guardians of our families of the New Earth.

We are all conduits for the Holy Spirit which is the Universal Life Force, the Flow of the Breath of  Mother/ Father God. From the Bai Hui, of the uppermost Sushumna Nadi, down to the Hui Yin, at the base of the spine, the Heavenly Energy flows through the Central Channel, down and up the spine and around the physical vessel creating a Toroidal field of Pure Electromagnetic Potential. We are feeling the intense fires of Ascension as the Kundalini rises to the Crown to form the hood, the Halo above the Head, the Holy Peak of  Tian Shan, Heavenly Mountain. The Celestials are with us now.

The right and the left hand path merge together in the center to create the Middle Path. The Red and the Blue come together to forge the Purple Way. The Path of Healing and transformation.

The energetics continue to pump into this realm from on High raising the resonance for this coming most powerful Solstice Gateway on Tuesday the 18th. As the frequencies rise we are raised in her image. I am the 13. We are on the threshold of a full compression breakthrough as we bring our Awareness fully into the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of all Things, our Great central Sun, Zero point. The White Flame within every living heart is being blazed in the Fires of the Great Spirit.

Nothing can stop the Great Awakening. Ascension is our destiny and Heaven upon Earth is our Birthright.

We must believe to perceive. In a flash all changes in the Quanta of the space time continuum. Time is of the essence and this is Eternity. Within the Paradox we step into our Oneness with all Life and Free all Sentient beings from all cycles of suffering.

The greatest question one can ask is “Have I suffered Enough?” until then the game goes on and on…A’Ho!

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