Ameera Atlantis ~ June 18, 2022


The Spiral of Time

This is a message from the Mer World for all concerned for the fate of our Planet: ✨🔱✨

We are in the process of rewriting and course correcting the Spiral and the CONCEPT of the Fall of Atlantis.

I remember those final days of Atlantis… I remember the pandemonium and the chaotic voices of confusion that rang in the ears of community.

It was intentional and very effective, the voices of misinformation from the infected leadership … it got us to fight amongst ourselves as we argued over what was right and wrong and what was truth and lies. It was designed to mislead, confuse, and divide us.

It worked very well…

Even the High Priests and Healers got caught up. We panicked and stared blaming one another for the impending down fall of our beloved Atlantis.

I remember how intensely we felt the responsibility to right the wrongs, reveal the truths and save the Souls of every last citizen before the waves took us down. The water was coming, and we couldn’t stop what was to be the destiny of Atlantis. Like Chicken Little, we fell into the confusion and fear, instead of remembering our eternal nature, and to trust God.

It worked very well, there was an insertion of blame and shame that fed the chaos and our self loathing. They knew how to play to our shadows, our wounded-ness and our fears. They got us to doubt ourselves, one another and most of all they convinced us to forget our connection to Source as the One Truth.

Atlantis was a Grand Experiment, A simulation…

How far away could we get from God, and still remember we are part of God?

The Spiral of Time that lead to the conclusion of the great Atlantean experiment was brought to completion.

And we all went home, to God…

Next assignment please.

It was not until that moment that we remembered the Truth of the Eternal nature of our Soul

playing in the Quantum field in a role.

We are now on the Timeline of the rewriting of the Spiral 13,000 years in our collective “past.”

Enter the 144,000.

Everybody plays,everybody wins.

Nothing and no one lost in the mind of God.

A “course correction” of sorts, same players, different game board. The animations playing out in a familiar paradigm veiled by the unconscious amnesia we carry as the remnants of trauma from that last Fall.

We have an opportunity to rewrite the spiral of the Atlantean Timeline with a different outcome. But, we must take care… we must remember and experience the memories stored in our cells and subconscious as a reminder of what we can choose differently in this experiment.

In this version, this simulation…Atlantis is destined to RISE, IF we rise above the chaos and the pandemonium designed to bring misinformation into our fields through fear and the plays on our collective shame and blame.

It is time fo that to heal. Heal by remembering you are born pure, holy, and whole. Eternal, in a simulation asking you to remember there is no place God is not, and no separation from the plan of liberation for the being of Planet Earth.

We must trust, unify, love and allow the animation to play itself out as our Brothers and Sisters seek to fulfill their roles (karma) in the simulation. Be in joy, be that frequency holder of Light in the Grand Mirror of reflection instead of projection.

We are The Masters of the Universe in the opportunity to experience the the grandest resurrection and ascension the Cosmos has ever known.

I will look forward to seeing you in the New Earth Atlantis.

Oceans of Aloha,

Ameera Atlantis ~ Star of the Sea 🌟🌊 ~ Poseidon’s Beloved 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏽‍♂️~ Keeper of the Atlantean Flame 🔱🔥~

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