You Thought What? – June 17, 2022

Editor’sNote: For those who (try) to follow the flow of information these days in our WWIII war (information war), below are listed some more confusing tidbits!

Although I report “what’s out there”, I do like to KNOW a NEW internal BALANCE of MULTIPLES which cause ME GROWTH as I PRACTICE this cycle endlessly! In this way, news becomes inconsequential!

So…please explore your very own QUANTUM Self and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!



This was a dumb thing to say…. Is he trying to get arrested or start civil unrest?

We know he’s not stupid….why would he say this.

If he doesn’t get indicted, the left will lose their shit.





It’s nothing but a game to them.



Well he is a King, since CERN opened a portal to the “Hidden Valley of Gods” in 2015.

He’s Prometheus, King of the Shadows.

These Satanic POS’s are playing, “The Fall of the Roman Empire “.

And we get to sit back and watch them play.

You’re watching a movie!🍿

No, seriously, you are.


CERN video, next post.




CERN opens portal to Hidden Valley of the Gods.

Articles produced from Sept. 21-23 reveal that CERN had achieved a “breakthrough” by unveiling the first layer of “symmetry” .

Symmetry is the name of the highly occult song and dance opera produced by CERN.

I knew they were playing out the scripts of ancient Gods!!! We are watching the Fall of Rome, literally.

These people are sick.

We have be living in an alternate universe

since 2015!

Future proves past.

They also opened another door …The Unveiling of Prometheus….see next post, Elon Musk, Prometheus.

Check out the other CERN videos here 👇


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