THE TRUMP TIME TRAVEL MIRACLE – 2022 REVISIT (Tesla, Q+, Rapture Event, Proj. Blue Skies; 11:11) ~ June 17, 2022


***Enjoy with popcorn while you look forward to a better future!

A complete rework of the popular Trump Time Travel series. New updated information and confirmations, new images, and new music. Includes new high-resolution images of Q+, and ‘Who Was John Titor?’
NOTE: If you are Human, you are of the Adamic Bloodline.
Part 1:
John Titor on Time Travel
Part 2:
Vignettes of Early Radiation Workers
Part 3:
The Tesla / New Yorker Hotel Theory
Space-Time Cowboy Report (last half with Juan)
Part 4:
The Last Trump Technology Playlist
Part 6:
Watch Sun Simulators in action:
Part 7
Kerry Cassidy interviews Preston Nichols
Part 8:
Who was John Titor, and could he be connected to the Q Truth Movement?

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