Guess what the WEF has planned for us now! ~ June 17, 2022

I was thinking today about the immense value of resetting your life, especially with all of the changes we’re experiencing in the world these days. The chances are that most of us are living a life that is a product of the world we once knew before 2020 turned everything upside down.

Here’s a simple picture of what that means: If we stay fixated on our collective reality as it was before, we can be easily toppled by further global changes and by more unexpected chaos due to things that are out of our control.

So I want to encourage you to take a step back from where you are right now, and look at the world as it really is. Not as you wish it to be, or as you once knew it. Currently there is an epic battle taking place for total control of this planet and everyone on it. We can see clear evidence of that all around us.

There is also a battle to control all of us as human beings and turn us into something that is becoming increasingly unrecognizable. The controllers of this Earth want to turn us into biological AI hybrids. A completely different species than human.

They want to remove any orientation that we naturally have as male and female. And they want to dumb us down to unimaginable levels of weakness. Here’s a case in point:

The WEF (World Economic Forum) who is basically at the helm of all of this on a global scale, publicly announced that they intend to have all school (worldwide) take place in the metaverse. This is from early grades all the way through university levels. They want to get rid of textbooks, notebooks, and pencils. Instead, students will function through avatars in a digital reality with no physical human contact during their schooling.

Can you picture all of these young people isolated at home wearing gaming style headsets all day? And their only interaction with “people”, including teachers, will be through digital avatars? Oh, that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

The WEF acknowledges that this comes with risks, due to the isolation, but they have an answer! The benefits outweigh the risks, according to them. They say it’s cheaper and better for the climate. And kids will like it! So yay for that, right?

So picture an entire generation of kids who are unable to pick up a pen and write a note. Who can’t journal. Who can’t sit quietly and read a book. Who don’t know how to actually talk to another human being face to face. Who might even be terrified to be among actual physical humans.

Are we going back to the days when the entire population was kept illiterate, so as to make them easier to control? You have to wonder! Although this would be much, much worse.

So this is an example of what I’m talking about when I say it’s a good idea to reset. This outlandish scenario doesn’t exist yet. But we can see that the conditioning for it has taken place since 2020. Isolation at home, and learning to live with something strapped to your face all day. Learning to live without seeing actual human faces. Hmm…That’s a little suspicious, if you ask me.

And development of the metaverse is well underway. In fact, it already exists. So let’s say you have children, and you don’t especially like this idea. Well, then, you might want to start making alternative plans now before this is put in place. In other words, a PLAN B might be a good idea to have in your back pocket. That way you can prepare in advance, and be ready to pivot if necessary. You will also know to look for the signs when this is imminent, so you are not caught by surprise.

So even if you don’t want to make any dramatic changes in your life right now, it might be a good idea to brainstorm some alternative ideas that will help you to navigate whatever else these controllers might have up their sleeves.

The way to start is to remember that you are a creator and that YOU are in control of your own life. The important thing is to get centered in this fact, and to act on it. You will feel so much better if you embrace this truth wholeheartedly.

Creating your life is a wondeful, inspiring idea! We just need to re-engage with that idea, and thus experience how good it feels 🙂

One thought on “Guess what the WEF has planned for us now! ~ June 17, 2022

  1. We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY. Contact is long overdue.

    HERE is a poster from Cobra’s blog who asked that ONE questions NONE of you, or those prats on Cosmic Agency, can answer:

    Fix this ourselves? Really?
    Do police tell people in a hostage situation to “fix it yourselves”?
    Tell us then Sparky, how do we fix things ourselves when there are highly advanced ETs with superweapons that have special scalar grid inversion technology which surpresses human kundalini and inverts the planetary energy field?
    And what’s wrong with expecting help from others. Are we supposed to live in a universe where no one helps any one?

    In the future, there is no hunger, war, or poverty. Unless you’re not a member of the Federation’s Country Club, then fuck you. Fuck off and die.


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