Friday June 17th, 2022: Justice and the Lack of It [videos]

We have a Friday AND a seventeen making it a doubly auspicious day. We’ve also hit the double digit temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun at 10:30 am.

We have more on the execution of Dr. Anthony Fauci with a cherry on top in this update from RealRawNews. I just realized that the word “hang” is at the core of “change”. AND, if I may wax toward the absurd and ridiculous, Loretta Lynch lived and died by her name and was lynched. Qincidence? If we had a list of all the traitors and psychos who have been hanged already I think we would be applauding the Earth Alliance every day in deep gratitude.

GITMO Double-Header Execution: Anthony Fauci & Loretta Lynch

Phil G posted on Telegram:

How many charges, you say? 😏

Assange will bring down the houses of Obama, Clinton, Bush, and Biden for the public eye.

It’s about time.

For what it’s worth, a poll shows Biden precariously close to utter disfavour with the American public—even in the lamestream news. Phil G’s intel from his source assured him that the real Commander-in-Chief would be out of exile VERY SQQN—as in quite likely, June.

Poll: Biden disapproval hits new high as more Americans say they would vote for Trump

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this yesterday. They threw the book at Dr. Simone Gold for a “no victim, no crime” act. It’s utter terrorism and tyranny to make an example of a very courageous woman who spoke out early on to derail the plandemic and protect us from the jab.

Frontline Doctor Simone Gold plead guilty to entering the capital on January 6th a misdemeanor.

This morning she was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 12 months supervised probation, 10k in fines, probation fees of $915 a month, surrender all firearms, can not apply for credit without permission.

The new Yellow Rose for Texas video is perhaps her most intriguing yet, and she has great new music. Rose features the work of several others to support her update. The most mindblowing for me was LT’s research [And We Know] on the Spanish Flu scamdemic of 1918. That is after the 14 min. mark. When we say we’re caught in a loop, this is why. History repeats.

When you see what they did to the public back then, you see that they are still using the same old tattered playbook that worked before. Now that there is no one left to remember that, they can get away with it again. It should be humbling for those who believed the lies and the proclaimed “science” and dutifully went along with the tyrannical edicts.

Rose again discusses the “comet” ISON and says it’s powered by MANKIND.

Thanks to the crew for the heads up on Rose’s awesome production that also gets into some of the more esoteric aspects of our reality within the construct and the AI programmes running it—and us. She talks about the Els and the Owls. Hence the term ‘el-ites’. The good news is, when we think for ourselves and large numbers go off the reservation, the AI system fails. I think we’re breaking the system, folks. Continue to think! And think outside the box. Reject the old narratives and science.


A.I. REVELATIONS 6-15-22 from YRFT on Vimeo.

Mike Adams delves into the mass cattle deaths in his update and he raises an issue that occurred to me yesterday when Ezra Cohen posted that the deaths were intentional. Did they poison the water? Was a rancher paid to destroy his herd? How many cattle really died? Of course none of the globalists would go hungry if they managed to generate a genuine food shortage. Article and video on Natural News at the second link below.

This article says 2,000 deaths.

The Worst of Kansas’ Mass Cattle Deaths Is Likely Over

I still haven’t seen any new photographic evidence of “10,000 dead cattle”; only one video of maybe 100 head and now the Internet is republishing this info from Mike Adams over and over but the photos they feature are all of live cattle.

Mass cattle deaths send shockwaves through food supply

What killed the cattle? Heat? Poison water? Space weapons?

Did you consider this one? Radiation from the sun.

Before you consider it for long, consider the source. NASA = Never A Straight Answer but that is understating it by a long shot. NASA is about little but lies. I can’t buy a story that the sun is killing anyone or anything.

Mike also mentions Ben Davidson as an expert. Ben always says, “No fear” but he spends most of his time showing everyone why they should be afraid because of all the things that are out there just waiting to take us out; asteroids, CMEs, a faulty magnetosphere, climate, extinction events… blah, blah, blah. The segment begins around the 21 min. mark.

Situation Update, June 17, 2022 – NASA warns magnetic “RIFTS” cause deadly solar radiation EXTINCTION events on Earth

We warned that there would be many false flag events and there was another yesterday. Their favourite targets are schools and churches, of course. Theatres, too.

2 killed, 1 wounded in shooting at Alabama church; suspect in custody

And another sleeper, possibly, or just a libtard drove into a Trump merchandise store yesterday. There is a capture of the bumper showing anti-Trump sticker.

Caught on camera: Car with anti-Trump bumper sticker crashes into Trump store

California is a frightening place any more and the proof of the corruption continues to pour out.

Mail-In Ballots Found Scattered Along Local San Diego Freeway

Ready for some good news?

Planned Parenthood closes five more abortion clinics as Supreme Court considers overturning Roe

Richard Citizen Journalist showed increased security in the form of interlocking wall blocks around the capitol recently so the preparation begins for the expected backlash from the deep state’s terrorists when the SCOTUS verdict is announced. Regardless of what it is, there could be violence and chaos.

But why wait?

Breaking News: New Capitol Breach: 7 unauthorized individuals apprehended by Capitol Police | Just The News

— John Solomon (@jsolomonReports) June 17, 2022

Russia came through with intel on the biolabs in Ukraine. Link to website and briefs from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.
Darth Soros is evil

— James Bountrogiannis ✝ BSc, MTS (@SpeakeasyJames) June 17, 2022

The truth about the situation in Ukraine, Russia, the media… it’s still coming.

The Biden administration and U.S. political officials with the help of the corporate media are once again lying, manipulating, and deceiving the public into another war based on false pretenses.

The OSCE reports and Patrick Lancaster’s on-the-ground reporting clearly show that Ukraine began shelling the independent republics of Donetsk and Luhansk nine days before Russia announced its ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine.

Ukraine had already started shelling the Russian-speaking citizens of the Donbas when Joe Biden went on television and told the American people that Russia was about to invade Ukraine.


Substack (
OSCE Reports Reveal Ukraine Started Shelling The Donbas Nine Days Before Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation’
The Biden Administration, U.S. political officials, and the corporate media are lying the American public into World War III.

Despite all the distractions, we have not forgotten about the most important thrust of the war or the perpetrators.

Ezra Cohen posted an excellent 2 min. video about child trafficking. It contains a number of revealing frames and documentary-style footage. People are going to learn that figures they don’t want to believe were connected to child sex trafficking were some of the worst offenders. Some have been executed already under President Trump’s Executive Order 13818. So many are unaware of all the activity Trump engaged in to set up this liberation and bring justice to Humanity. They are unaware that he also reinstated capital punishment. Too bad for the New World Order. Link to Telegram video.

Corey Lynn published on her website Corey’s Digs a link to a PDF of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’—UNredacted. Fascinating.

These people are sick and they must be expunged from our society.

Kash Patel has been a breath of fresh air and the conspiracy analysts continue to ask him the big questions.

Kash is asked about Q 👀

“I think people are having fun with Q… I don’t really follow him. We try to incorporate it into our overall messaging scheme to capture audiences because whoever that person is has certainly captured a widespread rep of the MAGA and the America first movement.”

He’s also asked about Q identifying him as a “name to remember”.

Q spoke of Kash in this post, for example, in 2018. The Q team called their drops breadcrumbs, and they did create a trail to deeper investigation, but I call them Q-tips because they tipped us off about so many things and so many people and warned us what to watch for in the future.

If you need more good news, do follow Phil G’s Telegram channel. You may have heard Trump demands equal time to expose the fraud and security breaches. The Gematria value of “equal time” can equal “time’s up”.

We’re waiting with baited breath to launch into our metamorphosis and Golden Age. When the public learns the real truth about everything, massive change will happen.

Ciao for now and enjoy your weekend, my friends.  ~ BP

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  1. You don’t suppose that Assange may be the first arrest? Everything he knows could then be brought out in court, right?


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