The word on the “Intel” street – FAUCI has been EXECUTED! – June 16, 2022

Although unconfirmed, there are several sources unrelated in the Intel arena giving hints that Fauci has been executed.

Of course, it can’t be confirmed, along with all the others that have taken place, until they decide to make a very public display and show the world… which is definitely going to happen.

Suffice it to say, that I am convinced Fauci is no longer with us. Even though it was only casually mentioned, it was revealed by those that are well respected and in positions to know.

I am posting because at this point I feel many are disgusted with the horrible things the insane Doctor of Horror has done.

It hit me hard when I saw the absolutely heartless brutality to dogs just to torture them for no apparent reason to get some kind of sick pleasure watching them suffer.

I will celebrate quietly that the world is rid of this monster!!

3 thoughts on “The word on the “Intel” street – FAUCI has been EXECUTED! – June 16, 2022

  1. And if this is even true, WHY are these doubles STILL allowed to roam free?

    Not going to wake the sheeple up if ya got duplicates running about.


  2. Celebrate quietly my ass, I’ll yell with glee when Fauci and his ilk are CONFIRMED dead….I’ll even buy car wraps to signify “the wicked witch is dead”.


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