Telegram Tonight – June 14, 2022




5 sprays a day that can change your life! Nano Soma is a nano emulsion of policosanol. It is a natural non-toxic FOOD product that has no known side effects. Policosanol is the key ingredient, and it comes from rice bran.

Policosanol is also found in other unrefined foods including sugar cane, but once these foods are processed, the policosanol is lost.

Simply choose the link for the location closest to you, register and place your order





A few of the studies:

Metadichol®: A Novel Nanolipid Formulation That Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 and a Multitude of Pathological Viruses In Vitro PubMed

The Quest for Immortality: Introducing Metadichol® a Novel Telomerase Activator Research Gate

MetadicholR_and_Vitamin_C_Increase_In_Vivo_an_Open-Label_Study Research Gate

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