Khazarians Controlled World Money System: Wealth Equals Power – June 14, 2022

| By Peter B. Meyer

Khazarians Controlled World Money System

  • Control, looting and exploitation for wealth and power
  • Bribed Politicians
  • Wealth equals Power
  • Lies generate corruption
  • Infiltration at highest levels of finance
  • The disconnected body form
  • 3D World turns into 5D

Anunnaki historically hidden shocking truth

It is time to expose the corruption in our money system. It is the greatest evil the world has ever seen. It is time for the world to work together by any means necessary to eradicate this crime once and for all. The true aims of the ruling Cabal are far more “disturbing” and “sinister” than most people can imagine.

Psychopathic elites rule the world! A relatively small group of satanic narcissistic psychopaths, organised according to Masonic sectarian ideology; who have unlimited influence and resources at their disposal.

These people have no compassion, they pursue their agenda based on unsubstantiated logic, full of lies. Their agenda takes us straight into the swamp of the Archon Bloodline; with Anunnaki and Draco Reptile Control Matrix!

Nowhere in recorded history is the art of making money out of nothing more developed than in the ancient Khazar Empire, which developed from nomadic robber clans operating on the western caravan routes in the Caucasus Mountains, north of Iraq, between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions.

By the tenth century, the Khazars had created an empire stretching north from the Black Sea to the Ural Mountains and west from the Caspian Sea to the Dnieper River.

Alone, Christians and Muslims believed that charging interest on a loan, then called usury, was a sin. But Jews could openly charge interest on loans. Whether they did it for practical reasons or out of genuine religiosity, the Khazarian aristocrats professed their conversion to Judaism.

They include the Rothschilds, who have ruled Europe financially for over a century and continue to do so by dominating the global financial system. They are the financial backers of the Rockefellers and other rich Archon families. It is important to note that none of these converted Khazarians had any connection with Jews, yet they claim to be Zionist Jews. More to the point, Jews are not Zionists, and Zionists are not Jews.

The Rothschild bankers have planned to take over our civilisation and wipe out up to 90% of the population, through a multitude of covert actions, including wars, poisoning our water, food, air and toxic medicines, and various toxic vaccination programmes. Meanwhile, Islamic mercenaries are being paid handsomely to take over the EU and the US. – Trump ‘s main task is to use the military to remove these cabal traitors.

Bribed politicians

The money control methods of the Rothschilds banking dynasty have been emulated for decades by Globalist financiers, whether Jewish or not. An important part of this control is total secrecy.

Using the policies of bribed politicians who serve as their stooges through blackmail and are subjects of public anger and activity. Allowing the globalists to operate outside the public eye, without involvement.

Lies generate corruption

It is all one big deception, from top to bottom, and everywhere in between. The lie is different at every level! As a result – there is global corruption, such as among others: Bribes, blackmail, murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, global arms sales, mind control, human trafficking, paedophilia and eventually even the Satanic ritualistic blood sacrifice of young children.

The fear energy of these cruel, horrific rituals is used to feed very real disincarnated beings who live on another frequency level on our planet, just outside our field of vision.

The world has up to 200 million chipped public “minions” who are either Draco hybrids, clones or shapeshifters – totally corrupted minions who have become the middle management of this bizarre Out-of-World Control Matrix. They plod and toil on, doing what they are told to do, with no real idea of where it all leads. These look-alikes are simply not of this world, although it is difficult to understand and accept this!

They conquered Freemasonry by building the creation of the Illuminati mime (via Rothschild/Jacob Frank/Weishaupt); they made a pact with the British Monarchy when they funded William III to become King; they placed the British Royals at the head of the Freemasons; they created the modern banking system and the Fed (via Rothschild); they created Zionism, the World Wars, the European Union, and so on. They rule through their puppets.

Rothschilds (whose forefathers were part of the Chassidic cult) and Rockefellers, are the leading power behind CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission etc. We are now in the “End of Times”; they are trying to foment a “predicted” Third World War”. – Read more here.

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is waging a secret war against the people and all sovereign nations through the use of false-flag, Gladio-style terrorism; via the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve System and central banking, in order to infiltrate and hijack all banking institutions worldwide, through the application of Babylonian Black Magic, also known as Babylonian Money-Magic or the secret art of making money out of nothing, exploiting power from pernicious usury to accumulate interest.

This Babylonian money-magic included replacing gold and silver deposits with paper credit certificates, allowing travellers to travel with their money in a form that allowed for easy replacement should they lose the certificates or have them stolen.

The disconnected body form

The “old” genetically degraded human body form, which we see everywhere and in which we all incarnate, no longer keeps our consciousness at a very low vibrational level. Awakened people are literally breaking free from the mould. That was the original intention of the Creator. However, the cabal does not give up so easily!

The real “plan” – known only to the highest members of the cabal – is to get rid of the old disconnected body shape, by wiping out 90% of the population on Earth, to wipe out the old body suit, which no longer works for them!

The “new” body suit – the human 3.0 suit is already prepared, waiting in the underground laboratories. Through a process that most people cannot even imagine, souls can literally be “forcibly” freed from Earth’s gravity to return to the reincarnation cycle. Newly created, highly machine-like bodies solve this cabal problem.

The Khazarian Mafia Cabal has finally discovered that millions of lightworkers on Earth are using the “love vibration” against them. They are now facing an all-out war by every living awake creature on planet Earth!

2 thoughts on “Khazarians Controlled World Money System: Wealth Equals Power – June 14, 2022

  1. GREAT summary of the K group. Theyve been festering for centuries. Now I know why I’ve not been more successful in life materially, its bec I’m not one of them. Now that I know about THEM, I’m more accepting of my mediocrity 😐


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