Greatest Transfer of Wealth! – June 15, 2022


Ok as i explained ETHEREUM & BITCOIN Defaults because TETHER is tied to Both.

As you know this is where PENDULUM plays its role and brings all their Liquidity into Stellar like a thief in the Night, been hiding in the bush all this time with the Rangers. Other Blockchains will go too like SOLANA.

Then XRP in 1 Submarine will be freed.

& Stellar XLM companies in STEALTH mode think what that Mobius list says [STEALTH MODE]

Think what you have just learned about Wrapped Wallets & Assets from ATOM tied to SGB for instance.

This ladies & gentlemen is what PROTOCOL 19 is.

So if you know people with BTC & ETH try and prepare them for them for this.

This is the TRANSFER OF WEALTH through these tokens & Trump EO’s

The Stock Markets have all been arteficially held up for this event.






Now i’m gonna explain something

Black Swan Event – Nothing was going to happen naturally.

You have just seen Election Rigging 2000 Mules.

You watched a movie showing you how corrupt and useless the Courts/ SEC are.

Mr Pool just warned Prepare for Collapse

SEC XRP – Will be analysed Dark [10]

Starlight – Starbridge – Protocol 19

Bringing other Blockchains to Stellar.

Evergrande – Tether – USD- BTC – Ethereum Default.

Gibraltar Regulation – 2nd Red Castle completed. 1 week ago.

ADAM Act – Digital Commodity Exchange Act 2022. This week.

3rd Red Castle

They have removed Statues from Tiananmen Square over a month ago.

This week they closed the National Museum and removed artefacts

It was raided in 2021.

They have Shanghai locked down.

Think Yangtze River – Entry to Ocean.

Think Dams – 2 Northern Dams ChongQing, 3GD + Wuhan Labs + 3rd Red Castle.

May 8 – Olaf announcement on Anniversary of WW2 Nazi Defeat

May 9 – Victory Parade in Russia

The day they wanted Ukraine done.

Following Romania – Moldova too.

Evergrande Full Audit Report was due & finished over a month ago.

They delayed releasing the results.

We know they are fooked.

We know they are tied to the Global Housing Market.

We know they are tied too Rio Tinto & BHP >Australian Iron Ore Mining Giants.

Now Evergrande has got a 6 month extension.

Now it is time for the Black Swan Event

Because Edward Snowden is not just gonna walk into Consensus and say hello on June 9.

This is how the Transfer Of Wealth will happen into Stellar. [THE CRASH]

BTC & Ethereum etc will be dead with Evergrande – Tether & USD.

Russian Gold Backed Ruble this week the Strongest currency in the World.

China will announce their Gold Backed too.

Update Protocol 19 Test Monday May 9. Hehe

[Done in 30]

Anywhere between Sunday May 8 – May 10 to June 8/9


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