The War Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – June 13, 2022

The War Part 3 – By Lev


These updates should reassure us that frequencies will continue to rise here in spite of dark manipulation, and there is no stopping the Light or the Light Forces until this transition is done.

Like Virginia, I feel deep compassion for the masses that are mostly discombobulated in these energies and cannot find their footing anymore. Many of them are still traumatized by the recent lockdowns and fear of getting infected, and there is no more security in their jobs or lifestyle.

The more we can draw on our inner peace, the more we can radiate this around us. I agree with Daedalus about the only thing remaining is “unconditional Love.” No one can take this away from us; these are our heart connections with others and with life.

I am facing the departure (through death) of the people who have been closest to me in this life and I know some of you are as well. They are being liberated from the turmoil of these times and from whatever darkness they have been holding onto. I bless them on their journey and trust their Souls will lead them. To all here, thanks so much for holding the Light. Every one of you is needed in this “war over human consciousness” and the tides will turn.

Desert Flower

12/06/2022 at 15:42, The War Part 3

Stop unconstitutional NWO – Marxist/communist global totalitarian takeover and control now. Nobody has God’s authority to take our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Prosperity!!! Put on the full armor of God, it is divine law, the belt of truth and the world of God.

God and his Angels will not protect evils, parasites, demons. Fear, panic, worry is your low vibration evil and killer, a temple of demons. High vibration is your shield against evil, AI-viruses…Be the temple of God, guided by love, supreme knowledge, the truth…Armageddon, say bye, bye to evils, parasites, their vampire dreams and dictatorship system structure.

N. Lisa

12/06/2022 at 15:32, The War Part 3

In my individual case – it is a VERY strong underline and highlight of unconditional love that is put forward lately. It basically is put in such way, that I cannot have anymore even doubts about that, as everything is “stripped down”, as everything implodes and collapses into itself what is not of true importance … only the unconditional love is left. Because it’s the one thing that created from every human, that cannot be corrupted in any way. It’s there, and stands and feels as truth that cannot be denied, no matter how one would try to.

The unconditional Love between partners. The unconditional Love of parents towards their children. The unconditional Love between pets and humans. Even the life itself is a form of Love. Note the highlight on unconditional … because many false “loves”, like between partners, are heavily manipulated by those who saw the love as biggest threat to their “rule”. While, in ironic twist, it was their insistence of lack of love in their hearts, that led them to such point.

It’s not a coincidence that there are many breakups and divorces lately. Many of them were made on false foundations. And many were there just to fulfill one’s fake “norms” and expectations. False “love” is fading out, while the true one is replacing it at every step.

And now, the Darks cannot do anything about it, about true love rising. They cannot even manipulate it, as there is a clear threshold from which aware population is “playing their game” less and less. I feel like I’m not anymore compatible with typical societal narrative … meaning I possibly won’t be for long here, or it will manage to change my current “external” ways to such extent, where I could assist others more, in ways I can truly put into work, instead of what society and government dictates me, especially through money dependence. Only the true Love will remain, and that’s the only what’s needed for the rest to be rebuilt upon it.


11/06/2022 at 22:34, The War Part 3


As Disclosure News described, on the Earth’s surface, the current WWIII is only a weak reflection of a large-scale and fierce space battle on the Subtle Plane.

Earthlings are involved in it through egregores, and it’s egregores that are fighting there – Light and Dark, as well as Dark and Gray among themselves.

The War Part 3 - Dark Egregore

Dark Egregore

The War Part 3

DNit Telegram Channel

At the grassroots, Reptilians coordinate the fighting. They, in turn, are controlled on the mental and astral planes by Dracos and other negative races which are fueled by a giant hierarchy of egregores, and through them – by the vital power of men.

In the past, this parasitic pyramid was built and headed by the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe. After his transition to the Light Side and return to the Pleroma’s Highest Hierarchy, all the floors of the vampiric structure and their egregores were left to themselves.

With the advent of Cosmic Day and a sharp increase in frequencies in Earthly space, Dark and Gray egregores began to devour each other in order to survive. Today, the feast of predators has acquired epic proportions.

The social system built on Earth does not act for the sake of people, but in the interests of only Dark Forces on the physical and Subtle Plane, retaining control over people.

The War Part 3 - Reptilians


The War Part 3

This system cannot act independently. It only observes and analyzes the information received, sets new tasks and gives orders. It does not have the vital energy to fulfill them, but takes it away from men.

The parasitic pyramid redistributes this energy, organizing people into communities united by common interests and tasks, and at the level of these communities builds emotional and mental flows with which it supports its existence.

To drain energy from people, the Darks use a lot of egregores. These are Subtle structures that accumulate and store information about each person and community of people.

In a series of posts, Disclosure News previously analyzed this topic (see – Our Egregores, Parts 1-5). But then, it did not consider their role in the Third World War.

Recall. Any community of people, even the smallest, for example, a family or a group of friends, has an egregore as a clot of energy, radiated by men. An individual also has it, since he is a member of society, and at his level performs certain tasks.

The War Part 3 - Clot Of Energy, Radiated By Men

Clot Of Energy, Radiated By Men

The War Part 3

The parasitic System observes people, reads their thoughts and analyzes verbal and other communication.

But to a greater extent, it is interested in actions that are the most accurate confirmation of human intentions.

Their actions, thoughts and desires are largely determined by what the System imposes on them.

In managing people, the parasitic pyramid is guided only by its interests, and not by the needs of a person, running them in the right direction.

As noted above, each subunit within a society has its egregore – any person or community, regardless of the scale, occupying a specific place in the System.

For example, there is an egregore of a separate family, firm and public organization. If the company consists of several divisions, then each of them has egregore, and they are all united under one common egregore.

The War Part 3 - Under The Common Egregore

Under The Common Egregore

The War Part 3

Their hierarchy is a branched and very complex structure. It is constantly reproduced from the lowest divisions associated with individuals to the top of the parasitic pyramid, where all the Dark and Gray egregores are united into a single whole.

Each egregor defines the tasks of a specific group of people. All levels of the System are closely connected with each other and their egregores of different calibers. What does this pyramid look like from the inside?

The lowest level is tied with individuals. The next one is represented by egregores of families and small private companies.

Higher are the egregores of larger organizations consisting of several branches. Above it is the level of concerns, political and social movements that unite grassroots communities and groups.

Even higher are the egregores of countries and major international organizations that determine global economic and social policy.

The War Part 3 - Dark Pyramid

Dark Pyramid

The War Part 3

Upwards, there are egregores overseeing countries’ associations, such as the UN or the European Union. This level is also linked to multinational banks and corporations.

Finally, at the very top, there is a floor where the egregores are united into single whole, keeping in touch with all the lower levels.

At the apex of parasitic pyramid, there is no the one, who runs humanity. Several communities are active here, and each solves its own tasks. How exactly?

Human things are the Reptilians’ span of control. Their task is to monitor people and transmit info about their thoughts, desires and actions to higher levels of the pyramid for taking into account on a global scale.

Reptilians on the astral and mental planes run the egregores of individual organizations. Each Dark and Gray egregore accumulates data on the actions of the men’s community to which it belongs, and transmits it above.

There, the data is analyzed and compared with info received from other egregores of the lower floors. Based on this, orders are given to redistribute the collected energy.

The War Part 3 - Reptilian's Span Of Control

Reptilian’s Span Of Control

The War Part 3

The upper egregores, leading the lower ones, make changes to the tasks for which they were created. For example, as a result of analyzing the market situation and relations between competing firms, a higher egregore can order the egregores of these firms and adjust the actions of each of these organizations.

What are the criteria in the distribution of energy? Which company or organization receives more or less of it?

There are no sharply defined notions – only the interests and tasks of the upper levels, which are sent down to the lower floors as orders, and are formulated depending on the circumstances. But in any case, the behests of the top of the pyramid are executed first.

At the same time, as already noted, even at the top of the System there is no single force, capable to rigidly run all the lower floors of the parasitic pyramid. It only seems monolithic and solid. The upper echelons are torn apart by sharp contradictions, and its orders only exacerbate chaos and wars of all against all at lower levels.

Brawl corporations and banks, countries and their associations, elites and within elites.

They wage cold, hot and hybrid wars against each other; use climatic, tectonic, wave, biological and migration weapons; currency restrictions, sanctions and embargoes; terrorists and organized crime; media attacks, trolls and bots in social networks; the entire arsenal from the Gene Sharp’s manual.

The War Part 3 - Gene Sharp

Gene Sharp

The War Part 3

The more acute are the conflicts, the greater the chaos, the stronger and more are emissions of the most valuable low-frequency energy, so necessary for the Darks to survive after the Cosmic Night.

Reptilians that control Dark and Gray egregores cannot directly influence people from the outside (without possessing), but they are able to impact indirectly on the relationship between them.

For example, to communicate within some structure or group, or to act through other organizations closely related to it.

To do this, Reptilians use many techniques, ranging from influencing people’s emotions, and ending with interference in the operation of electronic devices through which information is distributed.

Ensuring the operation of Dark and Gray egregores at all levels is the main task of Reptilians. Therefore, they are active on every floor of the parasitic pyramid, except the highest one, from where the entire global Dark Forces system is controlled.

This level belongs to Dracos. They give orders to all the lower divisions of the System and run the Reptilians. But even at the top, fragmentation persists, and different communities of Dracos manage different spheres.

The War Part 3 - Draco


The War Part 3

There are clans that control science, art, economics, finance, and religion. The Dracos groups are not directly tied to each other, since there is no longer a structure above their level that unites them into a single whole.

The extreme disunity between them is projected onto the lower levels, generating a confrontation between Dark and Gray egregores. This, in turn, provokes constant wars for vital energy for the sake of survival, since no level of the parasitic pyramid can generate its own.

Formally, each Dracos clan can order any egregore if it’s related to their sphere of influence. However, in many areas, interests inevitably clash, for example, in business, finance, politics, etc. And in the same way, the egregore can be ordered by another group(s) of Dracos solving their problems that generate a lot of conflicts.

The War Part 3 - Special Interests

Special Interests

The War Part 3

For example, the development of science depends on the financing of certain research organizations, and thus Dracos, who control finance and the economy, can lead the science sector in the direction they need.

On the other hand, the Dracos clans, who have subjugated the branches of science, largely influence the development of the economy, but in the interests of the entire race.

The problem is that each clan interprets common interests in its own way.

This rivalry not once brought humanity to the brink of destruction. 

But the main reason for the current Third World War is not this, but the desperate attempts of Dracos and Reptilians to resist the Higher Light Hierarchy, which decided once and for all to destroy the parasitic pyramid and all its irreconcilable and unhinged creators.

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