Trump Sends Message to Pedophiles & Crooks – Surrender in 24 Hours or Be Hunted Down & Killed On The Spot ~ June 11, 2022 – reposted June 13, 2022


Editor’s Note: This was found on Rumor Mills, which is a responsible news purveyor, however, this had not been posted elsewhere to my knowledge.

Of course, this message will not be trumpeted as this destroys the intent nature of this message, which also imparts a sense of finality for the current geo/political system of economic slavery on Earth.

Please share your thoughts about this message. Is this from the “good Trump”, or… the “bad Trump”? Does the reserved nature for it’s presentation add, or detract, from it’s effectiveness? Is this sharing with others, using your own platform?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as we all move through these moments on Earth together. The end result? Why…For All to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Quantum Joy!


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