June 11, 2022: The Pendulum [videos]


This week went by so fast there isn’t a post for Friday at all. We skipped right over it.

The natives are restless and a poll as to what should happen next showed resoundingly that We, the Awakened are out of patience and just want to rip off the Band-aid. “Just do it!” we chant. See the poll, submit your vote and read the comments “Let’s just get on with Armageddon already” on Telegram.

And then Ezra Cohen put out the following cryptic note:

When Constantinople falls the moment will be close.

There is a lot of talk about the Jan 6 testimony from Ivanka Trump. In this movie script, the actors will say whatever is called for. I don’t believe it really matters to us and don’t take it seriously. It’s part of the show.

Donald Trump Dismisses Daughter Ivanka’s Jan. 6 Committee Testimony

Here is another analysis of The Plan. Link to Telegram.

We can see a number of wealthy people who have stepped up to the plate; Trump, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne, Elon Musk… they’re in our face. Imagine the ones we don’t see who don’t want to be known.

Simon Parkes’ updates are always interesting and this one included a “bit of intel” for Americans; just uploaded. No food shortages, etc. That is cover for the snoozers for having more military publicly visible. There are hold-ups, and we’re all chomping at the bit but Simon says we’re “that close”.

He gets some dandy questions in the Q&A and gives appropriate answers I’m very pleased with. 1 hr. 42 min.

2022 06 11 Connecting Consciousness

I saw record hundred-year floods in Australia and someone pointing out “chemtrails” and blaming geoengineering for the flooding but I’m not so sure. Maybe they are doing that in some places but they have been spraying here and our clouds have been looking exactly like their clouds and we’ve had no rain for months and desperately want some. Simon said that much of the aerosol spraying is hydroxychloroquine and other healing elements now.

You might be wondering why so many military air crashes these past few days. There were two in California just 40 miles apart, and one near Yuma, Arizona with all crew members surviving that final one, thankfully.


Link to Telegram.

2 marines aircraft have crashed in southern Cali 2 days in a row, killing a bunch of marines….
One on Wednesday 6/8, another today 6/9
And the one on 6/8 supposedly had nuclear weapons on it, then later that was changed to “just weapons, no nuclear”.

Seems really strange🤔

Former Los Angeles Dodgers player Steve Sax says his 33-year-old son, John, was among five U.S. Marines killed during a training flight crash this week in the California desert. Sax says his son had always dreamed of being a pilot. https://t.co/pshtDQytP1

— AP Sports (@AP_Sports) June 11, 2022

Not surprisingly, Dr. Mercola is under attack again. I believe the pendulum is about to swing the other way and Dr. Mercola will be vindicated. WE know he has gone far beyond what many practitioners have done and risked it all—including his family’s safety.

NY Times Runs Another Hit Piece on Dr. Mercola

Much of the frustration for the delays centres around the suffering on our planet. The crew mentioned friends who are in dire financial straights and we’ve just learned a good friend is suspected of having liver cancer. They will be inserting a device to deliver the poison [chemo] next week. I will be passing on the many alternatives and options I am aware of for their consideration although they are quite conservative and only partially aware of what has been going on. I suspect they will do whatever the allopathic oncologists suggest but there are notable cancer clinics right here in Scottsdale where people come from out of state to undergo treatment so… we’ll see what happens.

Here is some good medical news: Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Missouri Governor Mike Parson has signed legislation that will prevent state licensing boards from punishing physicians who prescribe Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

This is a tremendous victory for medical freedom.

The two-tiered justice system has reared its ugly head again for all to see. Will anyone care? Will they even notice?

We need a Pauly P’s mugshot! #JesseWaters
Release the mugshot! #MADD
Mothers do not excuse Paul Pelosi because he’s married to Nancy.
Disgraceful that he gets special privileges and Nolte didn’t.
Release the dashcam and mugshot! 😠 pic.twitter.com/gqnLb8b7Wl

— JESSICA (@Jesseicat) June 8, 2022

If I were to report on the state of mind of the world this might sum it up and define the furthest perimeter of the path of the pendulum which has swung as far as it can away from sanity.

Boys are girls and girls are boys and they should all have their genitals swapped. See? Simple. Don’t question it. Only bigots do that.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) June 11, 2022

I’m going to leave it there so I can gather my info about cancer treatments. It’s not that different for people as for dogs.

Carry on and stay sane if you can.  ~ BP

4 thoughts on “June 11, 2022: The Pendulum [videos]

  1. THE PENDULUM, nice summary today CL, thank you. I’m about video’d out lately so any vid longer than 10 min gets put on hold.


  2. Re long videos, I just finished after several pauses to live my life, a video with Dr Jim Willie and Jean-Claude on jean-claude@beyondmystic. It was 1 1/2 hrs but every bit worth it. If you’ve got no experience with Jim Willie, you are missing out. This man also has a website GOLDEN-JACKASS.COM. Jim is an ocean of knowledge on world economics and on Ukraine activity. Did you know the present Tom Cruise is a fake? Jim says the original Tom is gone and he shows very, convincing pix of the real Tom vs the new fake Tom…..Anyway, I enjoyed every min of Willie’s interview and found it truly inspiring!! Highly recommended


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