Wheat From Chaff – June 10, 2022



I think we’ve been living in a parallel universe since Obama & CERN opened the “hidden valley of the Gods” door.



CERN opens portal to Hidden Valley of the Gods.

Articles produced from Sept. 21-23 reveal that CERN had achieved a “breakthrough” by unveiling the first layer of “symmetry” .

Symmetry is the name of the highly occult song and dance opera produced by CERN.

I knew they were playing out the scripts of ancient Gods!!! We are watching the Fall of Rome, literally.

These people are sick.

We have be living in an alternate universe

since 2015!

Future proves past.

They also opened another door …The Unveiling of Prometheus….see next post, Elon Musk, Prometheus.

Check out the other CERN videos here 👇




In 2015, Satan, aka Obama & his pals at CERN opened a portal to the Hidden Valley of the Gods.

We are living parallel universe right now.

One good, one evil.

Guess where we landed?

This explains the Mandela effect.


Tomorrow is the last day of the Feast of Shavuot…The festival of wheat.

It also is 6/6/2022 = 666

It’s now time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Two Worlds collide and a new World is born.


Easter Is the timeline.



Time to separate the Wheat from the Chaff.


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