Resolution & Ascending – June 9, 2022

Beloved Hearts,

I remember being a little girl and the number 7 and the day Thursday suddenly became my favorite number and favorite day for no apparent reason. In May I reached 7 decades on this earth (this time,) and my birthday was on a Thursday. Never having a thing for birthdays (except when turning 30,) this was different. This was Sacred and I felt it. 

Prior to it I felt to prepare myself for walking through what Yeshua has called the Resolution Gateway. He said in essence, resolve gives peace and strength to every cell in the body. It’s a way to reach a depth of quietude pertaining to what has been and pushes the Soul to its next experience. 

I asked myself… actually my Higher Self asked me if I felt resolved with the compilation of my human lives in numerous cycles and timelines of the Old Earth? It matters that we are, in order to be a clean slate in a state of Neutrality, Open-Heartedness and Gratitude to Ascend, be it on New Earth or elsewhere as the Soul chooses. 

I wasn’t sure. Anna (Yeshua’s Grandmother,) had suggested several months ago that I take the time to “be calm and recognize my own evolution.” To me it also meant to include what I can remember of what were past lives and even now parallel lives… not linger on the details…though to bring the essence of them into the now of this present life on earth for they were all a part of it. If not a soul walk-in, through the womb they came life-time after life-time with core wounds, memories and strengths that would be integrated into this lifetime, healed and made Holy. That was a Grand Purpose for this our lifetime and end time of the Human Experience as it has been known. 

Working diligently and consciously to that end for a very long time, though with an enhanced awareness and commitment after my interaction with Anna, opinions of myself created through harsh judging impeded eyes and misperceived beliefs, shifted into clarity. Battle cries calmed down. I have been able to Presence and embrace my evolution, not casting any of it aside. As we know, it’s been a looooongoften harsh earth journey peppered with miracles and numerous Soul missions created to experience human life from every conceivable angle, though with only One true purpose…to Unify Love in and through it all

I kept this prayer I had written as I began this conscious journey; “Beloved Holy Ones, a reflection of my I Am Presence, assist me to physically, mentally, emotionally, cellularly and spiritually release the untruthful, misinformed and interfered with life I submitted to in the Absence of Truth, Love and belief of separation from You and my True God Essence. May that which obscures or impedes my path to my Highest Potential Be removed from within and without that I may experience in all of its Glory and Holiness the Resurrection and the Life of Who I Truly Am in Consciousness and Heart. 

On June the 2nd I found myself in what seemed like one fell swoop, softly though deeply crying, loving, honoring and blessing the entirety of this one named Maureen in this Now and all other aspects of my Soul known and unknown, on Earth and in the Cosmos. I felt the carpet roll up behind me of all that was. I felt shaken and then quiet. Once again, I spoke words I had written awhile ago: 

On this day and all days going forward I call my Higher Self, Soul Self and I Am Presence to unite within my body of Love that we may ascend as One gracefully into unrealized new beginnings. On this day and all days going forward I amplify the God Presence in my Heart and I pronounce, embrace and establish in my Heart my true identity as I AM. As I pronounce this Truth, the God in me and as me rises, alchemizing all former notions that I Am something other. 

Beloved Mother Father God, I Am, take control of my bodies now and forever. Bathe me with your Holy Light. Purify and fill every cell in my physical form and bodily systems with your Love. In deep Gratitude I thank you. And So It Is.
And So It Is. And So It Is. 

Upon finishing this writing that began as a journal entry to myself I was clearly guided to send it forth. And So I Am. May it serve you in some way. *I have been informed this type of resolution is both important and connected to the 8-8-22 Lions Gate. 

In closing for now, as We continue to transcend the external chaos, collapse and interloping energies while integrating never experienced frequencies of Light I send Love and Blessings to All. We are almost indescribable Of The Source Beings of Light… children of the Mother, extensions of the Father with layers of multidimensionality and universality within our Souls. The words vast, tenacious, powerful, courageous, Light Warriors, Galactic Ambassadors, Angels, Star Beings and gathered Masters committed to Love speaks of us also…and now, with little reprieve here We are consciously ascending ourselves anew into new beginnings that We as I Am Are Creating. 

Eternal Love, Gratitude and Deep Respect,

*Note: I sense the upcoming Solstice shall be highlighted as a time to imbibe in a Peaceful, Balanced Illumination. I will host a Gathering and share more shortly. 


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