Major China Dam News – June 9, 2022


Flooding, landslides in China leave 17 dead, 4 missing – The Washington Post


China’s Hunan province floods, villages buried in landslides, crops destroyed

Hunan province has been receiving heavy rainfall since the beginning of June. The historic rain in the central province has wreaked havoc on the rural and mountainous region. Further south in the Guangxi region, several villages were buried under mud after the relentless rainfall weakened the slopes of mountains and hillsides. The body count is incomplete as the rains have not ended as of today, but officially 25 have been confirmed dead. According to the Xinhua News Agency, hundreds of thousands have been evacuated, and 2 million people have been affected.


Torrential rains lash Hunan province in China; ten dead, hundreds of thousands displaced


Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes Tianpeng, China – USGS | Reuters



All Major Dams Fail

Historical Rains in Henan & Hubei Province’s

Right in the Zone

ChongQing, 3GD & Woooohan.

Quakes closer to CQ.






Queen [Hologram] M.I.A

It’s all happenin

Major Lockdown’s about to happen

Sunday Monday

2 days ahead of ^^Trump Birthday


SNOWDEN – Last Day of Consensus.

Drop Bombs internet shutdown

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