Philippe François ~ June 8, 2022



Editor’s Note: This article expresses the whole concept of BEing Quantum, not Divine, and not existing because of, or “in” energy, yet simply realizing (KNOWing) you simply ARE. This is the ultimate deliciousness of the life we live NOW (No Other Way) in a human body. This is the ultimate sense of personal sovereignty when YOU gain awareness of YOU. And with this awareness, YOU will BE in…

Quantum Joy!


A whole life is being recreated

The light in you grows and grows, expanding and elevating your presence.

You notice it like a certain fatigue, a certain emptiness. Feeling kinda empty in your thoughts

Some think it’s brain fog (smile) but it’s not.

It is the fullness of your being that enters and aligns. And that energy has no agenda. She has no preconceived ideas or no ambition.

And as this energy IS, the frequency and vibration of your Infinite Totality, present and expanding in your incarnation, the composition of your energy field is transformed.

The truth of your being IS very simple, it rests in your form, emanating light alters everything. By allowing this inner light to expand, you begin to return to a state of being that has always been within you, but which was in a sense hidden .

You begin to emanate an eternity that is timeless, spacious and free, allowing all life to pass and unfold as it is.

The Divine Self that IS, arises in you and in fact, in everyone. This eternal, infinite inner light opens up new ways of expression, but above all new ways of being.

The light within you knows that there is only love, only harmony, that the infinite ONE from which all come, welcomes everything with an openness of love.

You are free and whole and intrinsically divine and the world is transforming…

Centre yourself in the truth of your being and be at peace.

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