News Bits For Us! – June 8, 2022

FWC-Channel Intel News Snippets – 8 June, 2022,

Compiled by Peter B. Meyer

• General Dunford arrested for trying to funnel $200 trillion to the cabal.

• All Wall street top bankers to be arrested.

• Corrupted CIA agents fleeing to Utah Mormon sanctuaries and Cheyenne Mountain as the military hunts them down.

• Millions of kids have been rescued worldwide by troops from 140 nations. Those who are Jabbed should not eat meat.

• Silver is expected to skyrocket to 20,000 an ounce. It will be needed in vast quantities.

• Gold will increase however there is an ample supply worldwide which will grow its price at a slower pace than silver.

• Do not get rid of Zim. The military is sandbagging on its release.

• All diseases were created by the cabal for profits. Suntan lotion is bad for your skin. It’s another fraud.

• Dust storms could hit America so people will need a mask to keep the dust out of their lungs.

• Go Vegan and know what is in the grocery food that you choose. As, more metal bits and human meats found in grocery items.

• China built their large apartment complexes to transfer the people into when the evil dams are exploded.

• Those who ascend will have the abilities and qualities to sustain themselves in the many abilities that enable their freedom like growing vegetables, learning computers, getting off of the government food stamps and free stuff and realizing that money in large numbers are not needed for happiness.

• The Chinese Company Evergrande will fall first and take many corrupted companies with them.

• Religions are frauds and exist only in 3D-Worlds.

• The real truth about Antarctica will be revealed. The Ice wall is holding back 4D and vast amounts of land. Treaties have aimed to make Antarctica inaccessible to the populace.

• Trump Said We Should “Get Along with Russia”. He’s Right

• The word soldier translates into “soul-dier”=one who offers his soul for his country.

• Henry Kissinger stated that “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.

• It is an amazing time in history as awake honest people ascend to a 40 hertz – 5th Dimension and planet Earth becomes the new 5D-Earth This has never ever happened. Up till now all Earth dwellers over the ages have been stuck in a 3rd dimension of 7.83 hertz for at least 25,920 years and even longer than that because in the past this unique event did not have the correct parameters and astrological arrangements to be successful.

• The new timeline tells; June- month of Military manifestation (reality);

July- month of revelation; August-month of indication (proof); Sept-beginning of recovery and restoration.

• It will take many years to correct the fraudulent manipulations, which are massive and begun in America in 1871.

• Relax the power grid is safe.

• RV will happen as soon the current cabal money system has broken down.

• New technologies as Free energy, space travel, and many other features will be coming on line.

• All stolen monies will be returned. Healing technologies will correct anomalies in your body.

• There are many extraterrestrial races here on earth and cloaked in the skies above.

• Below a Pleiadian Video reveals what is happening now.

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