Kat Anonup Update: November Elections, Juan O Savin on JFK and Q, Divine Frequencies ~ June 8, 2022

katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

In response Angels Here -Z to her Publication

What a brilliant collage, Nana.
Is that one of wain’s? Magnificent

They’re going after Juan 
because he’s cutting a wide swath into their Political SCAMS.
Juan’s candidates may not win
because corruption is still in place
but he’s scaring the living daylights out of the demons

Deep State is desperately trying HARD 
to Stop the November Elections
w/ Biden’s lowest approval ratings 
& Democrats facing projected annihilation in the elections 
& well over half of the country catching on to 
an AGENDA of /economy collapse/inflation/ food 
& goods shortages.
The sleeping sheep are waking & wondering 
what’s happening & beginning to see through 
the excuses of Democrats lies & MSM Lies..///
are afraid of the elections…
If the U S. Election succeeds to Republicans
The exposure of the Government, CDC, NIH, WHO > UN >NATO 
& Great Reset AGENDA/PLANdemic would be in jeopardy


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

In response CJJM Patriot to her Publication


I’ve never noticed Patriots ‘worshipping’ Patriots.
As it happens, Juan O Savin 
is one of the finest & most helpful voices in the Q movement
that has literally swept across Earth into the Galaxy.

It’s a shame you haven’t read his fascinating book
because I believe you’d learn a great deal
about the true history of our blessed America
that you may not have known.

107 walks his talk & has funded & fund-raised 
for countless Patriots
who also want to help their country.

Having listened to his videos for the past 3 years
what becomes clear is that
Juan loves God, his country & Humanity
& has been serving all 3, imo, with great distinction
his entire life

katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

World of Statistics re Internet Traffic
Humans → 38.5%

Bots, hacking tools, etc. → 61.5%

Despite the deep state demons
unleashing an army of nasty bots / shills / trolls / & clones
who are attacking everyone
trying to lower Spirits
& cause rifts —
Patriots, Q Team, Military Alliance, Anons, Digital Soldiers,
White Hats, Angelics, Enlightened Souls,
— ALL God Created LIGHT Beings —
are nevertheless
raising the ENERGIES
of Earth & Humanity
of a beautiful brave New World

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