June 8, 2022: A Lot More Happening Out in the Open ~ June 8, 2022

Some folks, and from time to time most of us, are wondering why this liberation process has been so protracted. If we know who the enemy is, where they are, what they did, and how they did it—why can’t we just arrest them all and put them away? If the Earth Alliance has known for decades what happened, and they had The Plan, why is it taking years to resolve?

We don’t have confirmation of the source of the following, but Phil G. put it on his Telegram channel. It might help those who are frustrated so much they are about to give up.

Here’s a taste of some pretty snazzy military technology. Link to Telegram.

There is further explanation in this post from a private group on Telegram. I’m sure you can see the wisdom in the following strategy. It’s quite the chess game unwinding and I believe the deep state operators at the lower levels have a distinct sinking feeling.

Source unknown




Military Earth Alliance covert operations have neutralized high-level parasitic elites, bloodline families and secret societies in recent years.


Vatican City, City of London, Washington DC, Federal Reserve and central banks are all seized. The upper levels are small. They have all been seized.


All in secret too – to make it appear as if nothing is going on, to keep business as usual for the next phase.


The next phase is to capture all the lower DS henchmen working in the Matrix system, according to the orders of their “higher ups” who have been captured.


Who has flipped or not? But since they do NOT know or have proof, it is a personal decision of the heart (or lack of).


The lower minions (high executives) are at a crossroads – do the right thing or continue to push the NWO agenda?


It’s an easy decision if they knew their “higher-ups” had been captured, sung or turned – but they don’t.


Many more people in these brackets. This is the confusion and fog we are experiencing.

Ezra Cohen put up the red flags again a couple of days ago with his “false flag” and “assassination” alerts. First it was an “international assassination” he specified, and then without the designation. Apparently his intel is good.

Dominican Republic Environment Minister Assassinated in His Office

Cohen’s second round of assassination warnings preceded the headline below; after the confirmation hearings fraught with demonic demonstrations, false accusations of sexual attacks, and unimaginable interruptions from psychotic entities. The poor man—and what his family has been put through, as well. Link to Telegram.

Man Found Outside Kavanaugh’sHome Charged With Attempted Murder

The good news is, there is enough activity out in the open now that we can SEE it it progressing. We can see Justice being done—even in the mainstream news—and with a spicy flavour to it.

Sore loser Chesa Boudin blames ‘right-wing billionaires’ for recall defeat

Investigation Into Death of Clinton Advisor Linked To Epstein Reopened

We can also see the ruthless nature and desperation of the cabal. So much blood has been spilled. This is not a game, as Q stated. More on the evil and desperation below.

It’s time we got up to speed on the status of technology and our hopeless position at the whimsy of the satanic predators—had the Earth Alliance not stepped in. Video at the Telegram link.

Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and War, How to operate a human via remote control.

And while we come to terms with the suppressed reality most of us never suspected, we must also come to terms with the fact that we’re basically sitting ducks for the enemy’s targeted kills on the small scale. The headline below appeared this afternoon. Things are not always what they seem, however, and we watch with interest and await further details. The cabal has their own rogue military, of course.

‘Five people presumed dead after military aircraft carrying nuclear material’ crashes in California

The dark ones also attack Christians and Christianity, churches, mosques, philanthropists… the good people and the innocents.

Nigeria: More than 50 feared dead as gunmen attack Catholic church https://t.co/syliyoP4JS

— Sky News (@SkyNews) June 5, 2022

Not every shooting is a cabal-induced event, but some are potentially influenced by their evil technology and those particularly at risk may succumb to commit senseless acts of violence. We just don’t always know which it is unless there are blatant signs of a false flag status.

3 People Killed in Early Morning Shooting in Michigan

There is certainly a great deal of evidence of “Manchurian candidates” deployed to perform specific tasks.

Former Judge Killed in ‘Targeted’ Attack Against Judicial System, Officials Say

That was followed by the failed attempt to assassinate SCOTUS member Brett Kavanaugh, of course, as mentioned above. A number of judges who ruled appropriately have been eliminated—or members of their families.

Who else has been targeted? Holistic doctors. I believe the tally reached over 100 at last count. Unfortunately, there were far too many medical practitioners who were easily influenced to betray us in the scamdemic and the subsequent efforts to harm Humanity. They not only took the money offered, they took lives. Some people have no shame.

Dr. Peter McCullough: “Doctors entranced in mass psychosis.” pic.twitter.com/VpX760NtLl

— TheDemocrat (@KyleJon75738070) March 18, 2022

We can do without the “humanitarian” efforts of these psychopaths. See the original newspaper headline in the Telegram post.

The W.H.O. Gave 50 Million Smallpox Vaccines Laced With Aids To Africans.

On May 11, 1987, London Times Headline Reported World Wide

And then Bill Gates, who has no medical degree or designation whatsoever, delivered the “polio vaccine” on behalf of the cabal to the children of India and killed or paralyzed 70,000 of them. I am fully of the belief that that unthinkable crime has long ago been punished. To allow it to go without an appropriate response would be a crime in itself.

It would take the revelation of crimes such as these for the good people of our planet to innerstand and accept the depth of the evil we are dealing with. They simply cannot comprehend how so many people could go along with crimes such as these. Surely someone would stop them, they believe.

What else would they dare to do?

A fmr US congressman just pled guilty to stuffing ballot boxes in Philadelphia. You won’t see this on CNN

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) June 8, 2022

Fortunately, we are finally at the point that a large number of people are getting it—and they’re no longer afraid. They’re no longer terrorized into submission or paralyzed by fear. They’re no longer intimidated by corrupt cops, concocted stories in the media, or compromised politicians. They no longer consider a virus a life-threatening condition or see any excuse whatsoever to relinquish their civil or personal rights and freedoms under the Constitution. It’s on… and the People are taking their country and their planet back.

They also know the deep state points fingers at its own enemies. The address below is particularly satisfying but I’m not sure if it’s for real since I don’t speak Russian. However, I am one hundred percent certain Vladimir Putin is part of the Earth Alliance bent on cleaning out the Khazarian Mafia and liberating Humanity. That’s why they hate him as much as they hate Donald Trump.

One last check says Phil G is going live now on Rumble if you care to listen to his update.

Exactly https://t.co/MxOAU14zeF

— Deplorable Designer (@deplorableretz) June 6, 2022

I’ve been AWOL for a couple of days as family time and projects encroached on my update time but until I figure out how to increase the length of my day, that’s going to happen.

We appreciate the crew adding their two cents worth via the comments and keeping everyone apprised as part of the war effort. It helps to keep our sense of humour when we’re feeling the stress of a seemingly endless war with little justice for the crimes committed.

“We are coming for your guns.”

Who are you sending? The cops who were too afraid to enter a school?

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) June 7, 2022

Ciao for now until I sit down at the bridge again. It won’t be tomorrow as I have a long trip to the airport and back.  ~ BP

One thought on “June 8, 2022: A Lot More Happening Out in the Open ~ June 8, 2022

  1. We need the aliens to come. And we can’t keep on WAITING for the good guys to finally do something.

    We’ll all die of old age before the good guys do anything at this rate.

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