Fall of Global Banks… – June 7, 2022

The fall of global banks is happening. Banks are being shut down all around the world. Big once powerful banks, in the bankrupted Washington DC, are shut down. Raids at Deutsche & Morgan Stanley in Germany happened. Traps were set & many minions took the bait. Corporate CEOs & high-level banking execs are under investigation, arrested & charged treasonous crime.

The DS fiat money is becoming worthless. They can not use it for global trade anymore. BRICS Plus is expanding & Gold-back currencies are taking over. Gesara has signed almost all countries of Earth now.

Infiltration is a page out of the DS playbook — now being used against them. Betrayal from their own inner circles, even the ones SWORN to secrecy. Traps are laid out everywhere.

Parasitic DS elites met for Davos in Switzerland & Bilderberg in DC & laid out their next step of plans & operations. Double/triple agents & double crossers have infiltrated these meetings — it was all recorded. All receipts were collected & databased. Space Force has it.

The exposure of the government officials, institutions, NGOs, CDC, NIH, WHO, UN, NATO, WEF will continue to drip & flood. Operation Black Swan Event is coming.

1.7 B’s in the TRAP! 🐸👀🐸

Dubai police arrest British suspect in $1.7bn Danish fraud case


The robbery of the century: the cum-ex trading scandal and why it matters


Why Federal Reserve Bankers Should be Arrested for Corruption


Morgan Stanley just got raided, 2 days after Deutsche Bank’s raid


One thought on “Fall of Global Banks… – June 7, 2022

  1. Wait and see how this turns out. The Health Ranger Mike Adams is saying Russia and China are planning an invasion of our country….lots of speculation, let’s just wait and SEE WHAT is really going on. Maybe Mr Trump knew or knows all about this? Unknown. We live in such a deep sea of lies and deceptions, its difficult to know what is up and what is down.


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