Your Sunday Digest for June 5, 2022: The Ups and Downs of War + Time Sensitive Meditation Shortly ~ June 5, 2022

Scroll down to “Time Sensitive” now so you don’t miss the short meditation.

Our Internet was up and down Saturday afternoon, interfering with our comms so I delayed this post. Let’s try again, shall we? Despite the various technical glitches and censorship over the years we keep flying and exceeded the 27 million views mark this week. That’s not chump change, particularly when we do zero advertising.

Congratulations and gratitude to all the awakened souls who have been flying with us a long time or a short time and saw fit to share this resource. It’s been quite a ride in the most amazing and inspiring company.

There are plenty of comms going on if you know what to look for and how to interpret them.

People sit along the fence outside of the White House as it is lit up orange in recognition of National Gun Violence Awareness Day in Washington, U.S., June 3, 2022. Photo @LeahMillis #GunViolenceAwarenessDay #guns #whitehouse

— Leah Millis (@LeahMillis) June 4, 2022

Orange can have other connotations, too. Trump and friends were posting about oranges earlier this year. Many are now focused on the financial system; the new QFS, the debt jubilee, the return to gold-backed notes, our prophesied Golden Age, etc.


Simon Parkes is holding a mass meditation this afternoon/evening North American time, and later evening in the UK and the purpose of this 5 minute blast is to wake up the snoozers. The timing is coordinated with some initiatives the White Hats have going simultaneously. Please see Simon’s short prelude video to explain and get the details so you can donate 5 minutes of your time with an influential gang today. Link to video and details.

The reason people don’t know they’ve been lied to, brainwashed, and conditioned is because they have been lied to, brainwashed, and conditioned.

🇨🇦 Slayerjayman🇨🇦 (@crashandsmash66) June 5, 2022

And how did this brainwashing and conditioning happen, exactly? The media. The media is the enemy of the People but they are cloaked and the masses don’t see an enemy; they see a trusted friend.

This is why we are where we are today 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tell me I’m wrong or hit like if you agree 😉

— Charlotte ⭐️ #Americaoutloudnews (@outofthebox68) June 4, 2022

And the hits just keep on coming. There was yet another chemical fire with serious casualties in Bangladesh yesterday. This is a different kind of war, isn’t it? There is no official theatre or front line. The enemy can strike anywhere, at any time. There is no truce, and anyone who has been following this battle for our liberation knows the opposition is lawless and without honour and has never respected any treaties or agreements. They’re out for blood, and genocide; no holds barred. Never turn your back; never let down your guard.

At least 49 dead in ongoing Bangladesh cargo depot fire

The efforts to wake the dead are getting downright loony. Canada is home to the loons, but this sort is not appreciated and no doubt has the Canadian loons laughing hysterically. How many snoozing people will react to this nonsensical, outrageous claim from Turdeau as reported by Rebel News?

Justin Trudeau: Decriminalizing Heroin, Fentanyl, & Cocain for “Science” and Provide a “Safe Supply”

More details…

As of January 31, 2023, British Columbia will become the first jurisdiction in North America to decriminalize possession of hard drugs for personal use. What do the locals think?

B.C. decriminalizes hard drugs — what do Vancouverites think? – Rebel News

What part of this hypocrisy does the Turdeau regime not get?

Trudeau is sending arms to Ukrainians to allegedly help them defend against an aggressor and fight for their freedoms.

In unrelated news, Trudeau wants to disarm Canadians and take away their freedoms.

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) June 4, 2022

The deep state antics are getting repetitive and as we predicted, the mass shootings are fast and furious. On Saturday [yesterday], Philadelphia was home to the latest false flag event to support the cabal’s gun grab agenda. They make it very clear what they want.

The Democratic mayor of Philadelphia blasted the “availability and ease of access to firearms” Sunday hours after gunfire that erupted in a busy entertainment district left three dead and 11 others wounded.

Philadelphia mayor responds to mass shooting that left 3 dead, 11 wounded; suspects still at large

Are they going to send the guns they plan to confiscate from honest civilians to Ukraine?

Check out the brief video on Telegram of the mountains of confiscated donations. Link to Telegram.


Ukrainian militants also known as NAZIS, stole humanitarian aid intended for civilians.

Another evidence that the inhabitants of Donbass are second-class people for Kiev.
At one of the bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Krasny Liman, huge stocks of humanitarian aid were found, which they kept for themselves and did not transfer to civilians.


We continue to get dribs and drabs of truth about what is unfolding in Ukraine and it’s nothing like what the pathetic lamestream western media portray. They never miss an opportunity to vilify Russia or Putin, and they have to justify the money they want to send to their partners in Ukraine.

Despite the distractions and obfuscation in a largely political bent, it’s always been about the children—including in Ukraine—and Linda Paris aka Deplorable McAllister gets into the rescue ops for millions of kids with “Sarge” as well as other fascinating topics. After the 14 minute mark they get into the meat of the matter/intel Sarge has been given over time from his source.



Remember the kids.

Elon Musk calls on DOJ to leak Jeffery Epstein’s client list and for the media to do it’s job.

— Frank Aiken a Patriot for Trump. (@awesomeaiken) June 4, 2022

There are two things Americans won’t tolerate anyone messing with: their guns, and their kids.

Identify however you please, but if you mess with 1 of my kids, your pronouns automatically change to piñ/ata

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) June 4, 2022

Ouch. The Truth hurts, don’t it? We’ve been sold out by so many we trusted; teachers, law enforcement, military, medical experts, musicians, actors, sports celebrities, movie producers, scientists, politicians, men of the cloth… you name it. Those who were positioned to be caregivers and protectors betrayed us for decades.

Change my mind.

— Jennifer Arcuri (@Jennifer_Arcuri) June 5, 2022

Canadian patriots are organizing to combat medical tyranny. See the posters for June 24th at this Telegram post.

URGENT We now take action against Medical Tyranny All Over Canada- Share to Help now! ⚠️🚨Come June 24 2022 to the Colleges

Thousands are joining to protest against the medical colleges who have sought to silence our doctors and our nurses, we are also protesting our right to bodily and bodily integrity, as well as access to healthcare without prejudice

A few examples include doctors who have said the unjabbed deserve to die, do not deserve care or the young boy with a seriously broken arm who was refused care and treatment at TWO Ontario hospitals….

Reports of these to the colleges have resulted in no penalties or fines for any of these doctors yet other doctors speaking the truth and helping the unjabbed have had their licenses suspended…

This must end now

It is time to join together and fight back

Join us this June 24 2022 the location nearest to you whether in BC Ontario NS NL or where your provincial medical college is

Phil G. did another great Rapid Fire Q&A last night and despite the flack and haters he gets, he keeps coming back to keep us apprised and engaged. I don’t need to tell the crew to use their own discernment to filter the comms of war.

RAPID FIRE – June 4th, 2022

Someone got up close and personal with the Nancy Pelosi actor and the skin suit is looking war-torn. Link to Telegram.

Things can get a little heavy and difficult to bear for some of the truth warriors and we need our comic relief. There is no better source than Nancy Pelosi and her dentures and nurse Melissa Bass does the most spot on impersonation on her Tik Tok channel that really isn’t far off from the performances of whoever or whatever is under that mask. If you need a giggle, take a look at this one from a Melissa compilation as she mimes the audio from Pelosi press conferences. A few other notable personalities make cameo appearances. 5 min.

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