Mary Long ~ June 5, 2022

Children of the One Heart Race

Feeling a lot of recalibration in this body since yesterday, more intense energies flowing within my nervous system.

It even feels as if my bones are vibrating which is a weird feeling, it is not really painful, it is more like tingling sensation.

We are and have been receiving some major downloads within our consciousness and carbon based bodies. It is really hard to describe it because like everything else if feels different than prior years.

Some days we may even feel a bit testy with our emotions, some days it is like they are all over the place, while other days we feel more at Peace and are in a place of pure Bliss.

It is like up and down, up and down with these incoming energies so if you feel out of sorts or moody, it is due to all these DNA upgrades we are receiving.

Still finding myself forgetting where I put things, which at times can be overwhelming when you know you just came in the house and laid something down. I have been tested for this and everything is normal as usual.

We got to keep on going, resting when we can, napping, flowing and sitting with our emotions to understand them at a deeper level. When I feel like I am out of sorts I take time to meditate and regroup so I can bring the energies around me into balance.

Constant Focus in these Moments Loves.

Hang in there all this is happening to help us go through the Portals to the 5th Dimensional Plane of Earth. This is not her first time but for many of us this is the first time we get to do this in our physical bodies and it can truly be intense.


Sending Love and Light wherever it is needed, we are ever moving forward to higher dimensional states of consicousness. .

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