A NEW TEMPLATE FOR YOU NOW 💖💖💖💖💖 ~ June 5, 2022

The Central Sun is radiating New Frequencies

The Central Sun is radiating New Frequencies and this new template; that has been part of the momentum for the NEW EARTH Reality; which is, the evolving to being your God Mind/ Heart Centered Ascended self.

This is great news for you as your complete transformation is at hand, for you.

Which is the expanded Divine you in full union with that which you are eternally.

In the Vastness of this Being, you are called upon to open your heart even wider, seeing, breathing, acting, through the frequency of your heart.

The New Template available is one of being in Union with ALL THAT IS.

THIS IS your Divine presence, Your Cosmic God Self, your Ascended being.

Which translates (although mortal language) into the mastery of the Earth incarnation program.

To be the enlightened you is the new paradigm, the awakened New Earth, the new template available for you.

Each being has a unique blueprint, this new template raises the frequency of all of those in their heart everywhere.

To be more of the eternal you, to be more spirit, rather than referencing yourself as the small you, as if a body.

The bodies come and go through each incarnation, YET the eternal aspect of the different you’s carries on throughout infinity and beyond.

All of these incarnations are connected whether you are aware or not.

Through this new template we activate all those ready to have greater conscious awareness of all of the dimensions and parallel worlds.

We are the Divine Council of Overseers, yet we need no name. We are always present with the Elohim, Sanut Kumara and The Queen of Light and more.

This is all part of our expansion also, as there is no limit to ALL THAT IS.

Feel this in your heart now! Breathe in the Golden light from the Central Sun with this New Template NOW. Feel the warmth, the Glory the Divinity of this Quantum template, merging with you now! In Forever love.


source: https://thenewdivinehumanity.com/2022/06/02/a-new-template-for-you-now-/

In Divine Love,

L’Aura Pleiadian

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