June 3, 2022: June is Bustin’ Out All Over & So is the Truth [videos] – June 3, 2022

Did you see that?! Did you see what just happened? It’s Friday again—and we are careening at breakneck speed toward the halfway mark in 2022. Unbelievable.

You may have noticed that, as predicted, the lamestream media is beginning to put out truth here and there. One publication might do one accurate piece amongst it’s usual propaganda, another publication will insert a truthful one along with its expected drivel, etc. It’s sporadic, but it’s happening.

Some have suggested Jeff Bezos turned and is now working with the White Hats as the Washington Compost, which he owns, has come out with some reasonably good articles about current affairs.

Here’s an example; they are admitting there was election fraud. It shouldn’t be a stretch to do so since the True the Vote team made it painfully clear there was massive rigging in Arizona and beyond.

Arizona woman admits guilt in ballot collection scheme

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as election rigging. Watch. It will be stunning.

Ben Fulford’s truth is busting through all the barriers and it’s chock full of updates and “decodes” folks need to know.

Check out his extensive update for this week here, at Before It’s News.

I’m so glad Matt Whitaker is still playing a role in all this. He brings his legal perspective as a former acting AG in the Trump administration to comment on the Durham/Sussman business. Whitaker was a favourite of the Q followers and Anons when he was in the public eye as he stood up to the cabal and made them look ridiculous in a congressional hearing he voluntarily attended. He is sassy with these revolting hitmen. If you missed it, or want a few giggles, it’s in this cheeky compilation.


The gun grabbing rhetoric is spreading throughout the cabal puppet communities. Now it’s Chile.

The world is far too slow in waking up because the programming goes deep. Hopefully the outstanding memes created by skillful people have nudged a lot of people awake.

The problem remains that people haven’t been paying attention and even the gobsmacking news we bring now has little to no meaning for them. They may not have heard of the Illuminati, the New World Order, George Soros, the Bush dynasty, or the Georgia Guidestones. If their soul is not calling out to them to wake up and smell the coffee, they will simply not tune in to what is presented.

They don’t believe anyone’s government would do anything to intentionally cause them harm. They don’t believe in a ‘plandemic’.

Our only hope is to see them yanked out of bed by the hair when the really extreme events unfold. They will have to be personally impacted in a negative way they can’t ignore if they are going to connect the dots and make sense of anything.

Not everyone will make the leap. All we can do is keep presenting the truth and hope more people will feel called to explore it; to realize that something is seriously amiss and they need to do something about it.

Was the Wu Flu an attack? Yes, it was; whether truly a virus or not. In the minds of the world, thanks to the lying treasonous turds in the media, there was a threat and they needed to respond to protect themselves and others.

The fact that there were so many different kinds of weapons and damage done by that engineered scamdemic continues to be cemented in the minds of those who seek the truth.

Lawsuit Seeks Damages Over 100,000 COVID-19 Tests Imported From China

If the evidence bears out, we can see that the creatures running the world have conducted “resets” before. They ended civilizations and reseeded the population at their discretion—to be controlled like cattle, of course here on the farm where they harvest Humans at will.

While many people can accept that some people are corrupt and did some things they should not have done, they will have difficulty assimilating the whole truth.

They will find it impossible or nearly so to accept the facts about 9/11, the downing of airplanes, and possibly even the mass shootings and other false flag events. There is far worse to the story, but we can’t address it all in one post.

These events are so predictable. Here it is—that vacant stare all the perps [patsies] have.

Here’s the Batman Theater Massacre patsy.


Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook school patsy

These poor souls don’t know what they’re doing. They have no recollection of what transpired. They are weaponized via drugs and programming, whether hypnosis or other mind control modalities. They are victims; their lives ruined by the sickos running the world—usually the CIA and/or FBI—the minions. Quite often the police kill the subject and then there’s no concern they’ll ever recover their memory and talk.

Meanwhile, the controllers will scream for gun control and convince the snoozers that giving up guns in the public will mean no criminals will be able to get their hands on guns and all the shootings will stop and we’ll all be safe. It’s lunacy. The criminals have always had access to weapons and they always will. That’s what criminals do!

Think back: the Boston Marathon Bomber, the Bataclan Theater massacre in Paris, the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida, the Parkland School shooting in Florida, the Columbine school shooting in Colorado, the London Bridge massacre, the Christmas Market Massacre…

…the Lockerbie air disaster, the Challenger shuttle disaster, Flight 800, MH370, MH17… the “Titanic” [actually the sister ship the Olympia]… it’s insane. Sometimes scores of people die, while other times it’s purely a psyop to induce fear and distract us. They use “crisis actors” quite often; bad ones, and then the media goes to work and tells the lies to confuse, obfuscate, and terrorize the nation. They are domestic terrorists.

Mass shooting after mass shooting. Who could throw away countless lives like this? They’re not Human. That is a fact. Link to Telegram.

THE BASIC STRUCTURE OF THE DARK FORCES – EXPOSED – Drip drip drip. Who is at the top of the chain of control?


The sooner we understand this, the clearer the picture of their unfolding plan will be

Here’s the cheat sheet from Telegram:

Let’s recap for the slower ones in the back.

1. 2019 vaccine EO.

2. 5g towers.

3. Scamdemic.

4. Pcr tests ordered 150 million.

5. Cares Act. (Systematic government funded murder).

6. Defense Production Act – Ventilators (killing machines)

7. Remdemsivir (death cocktails)

8. Vaccines

All funded by the government via the taxpayer, and signed off by a bipartisan congress and the president.
If you aren’t awake from the spell by now, you’ll never be.

We knew the attacks were going to increase because they have been using the same playbook for decades and we know their agenda. This is TODAY.

Man Arrested at the US Capitol With High Capacity Magazines, Body Armor and Fake Badge

Biden Calls for National Red Flag Laws, ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, and MORE…

Same old, same old, and once we wake up we can never go back to sleep so… settle in for a long, hot summer.

Signing off for now with a shot of crazy little Eli who left a paper trail to the crime scene and then played dead. ~ BP

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