Signs and Symptoms… June 1, 2022

Queen is ‘punisher granny who drinks blood of rebel babies’ – ex-Ukraine MP’s bizarre post

A FORMER Ukrainian politician once dubbed the Queen a “punisher granny who drinks the blood of rebels’ babies” in loyalty to the Ukrainian military, according to a bizarre joke posted on Facebook from the MP’s verified account in 2015.



ISTANBUL, June 1 (Reuters) – Turkey raised natural gas and power prices on Wednesday and its energy importer blamed a “perfect storm” in global markets


🇮🇹BREAKING – Italy will remove ALL vaccination and testing requirements for travel to the country from tomorrow.

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DURHAM got everything he needed….. He got the sworn testimony in court on CLINTON

That she paid for and lied about RUSSIA collusion…… SUSSMANN isn’t the big fish just a low level pawn….

DURHAM now has what he needed . Sworn statements in the court of law.///

Like Kash Patel said… Give DURHAM time//))

DURHAM is putting the whole case together///>>>>>



Queen’s Plane Aborts Landing Amid Electrical Storm

Returning from Balmoral Castle ahead of the upcoming platinum jubilee celebrations, Queen Elizabeth’s private plane was forced to abandon its first landing attempt after being caught up in an electrical storm, before eventually landing safely.

The 96-year-old British monarch is marking 70 years on the throne with a series of parades and performances, but her appearance is yet to be confirmed by the Palace.

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