Putin to Trump: “Save Your Country Now, Before It’s Too late” – June 1, 2022

Michael Baxter June 1, 2022

White Hats aren’t alone in urging President Donald J. Trump to take broad and immediate action against the American Deep State, according to a Mar-a-Lago source who said Trump and Russian Vladimir Putin had another telephone conversation Monday morning.

Putin, he said, had originally called to deliver gloomy news: Russian forces had killed 163 American mercenaries in Ukraine since the start of his “special military operation.”

“They had no business there in the first place,” Trump reportedly replied.

But the conversation quickly segued into political discourse, with Putin proffering a soulful lamentation of “America’s sad, sorry state.” He told Trump he couldn’t believe Americans stood idle while a criminal regime tanked a once great economy.

“They blame your economy woes on me. They say I am the reason your energy prices so high, the reason you have no food. This is laughable,” Putin said.

Additionally, he expressed dismay over how easily myopic Americans were blindsided by blatant, obvious false flag attacks. He cited the Uvalde and Buffalo massacres as quintessential examples, saying he was not oblivious to American fake news, and that his enemies, primarily parliamentary opposition parties in the State Duma, had plotted many false flag strikes on Russian soil. “Now they all dead,” he said, adding that Russia’s Federal Service Bureau was exceedingly efficient at ferreting out traitors.

Trump agreed with Putin’s assessment of Uvalde, highlighting the improbability of a mentally disturbed, unemployed trans kid magically manifesting $5000 worth of firearms.

“Drastic action I took to dispel the Deep State from Eastern Europe,” Putin said. “No, it was not easy. Yes, some innocents died. People like you and me, we must make hard choices. Your country, you and your allies must save it, before it’s too late. This is the realization I had to take, my friend. No mercy.”

Moreover, Putin refuted Western media stories about his ailing health. He mentioned specifically a tabloid smear piece claiming he had gone blind and had only three years to live. That article, which appeared in the UK Metro, said Putin was convalescing at home while body doubles and deep fake tech was used to mimic his appearance on television and at public appearances. The CIA and the MI6, Putin said, were laughably accusing him employing tactics they had invented.

Trump, our source said, didn’t discuss his plans with Vladimir Putin, but thanked the Russian leader for his concern and sentiment.

“President Trump doesn’t telegraph plans, but I can say this: he has asked military allies for patience because he thinks the Democrats will suffer a major defeat in the midterms, you know, that will send them running for cover in disgrace. He sees the American people suffering. It’s causing him to lose sleep,” our source said.

6 thoughts on “Putin to Trump: “Save Your Country Now, Before It’s Too late” – June 1, 2022

  1. Never in my life would I ever be having positive thoughts about Pres. Putin but that has changed. Trump seems to think the mid-terms will save him and us but that’s risk that I fear. Who’s to say the mid-terms will not be stolen again by compromised voting machines and and 1000’s of fake undocumented ballots?


  2. I don’t know WHY, if they HAVE IT ALL, that we need to wait this out, for mid term election successes…the communist run states in our nation, won’t allow a RED WIN, with the levels of cheating they have become very good at. We need the bad actors removed, we need the media removed. We need good honest people in those media spots to jump in and share nothing but the truth, while Military removes the cancer we have, with the enemies running it. WHAT IS THE DELAY HERE? Americans are drowning in debt. Do we all have to lose our homes and freedoms in order to collect the Nesara here in the US???


      1. I agree. Perhaps there is some collateral damage that we are being saved from by this “wait” for the primaries. Perhaps there is something much, much bigger that is being avoided by being “patient” as the various “light people” say. I just don’t know but I ‘hear’ whispers from within me that our ‘helpers’ are working to avoid a much bigger catastrophe.


      2. I spoke of ‘patience’ being requested by the Light People and I mentioned possible ‘collateral damage’. See this excerpt from the most recent Golden-Jackass newsletter. Notice particularly the last 3 sentences.
        “However, the single creditor of China has had a profound impact. Recall that David Rockefeller Sr made over 30 trips to China in the 1970 decade, reportedly seeding the elites there with his genetic progeny. Many current Chinese leaders are Rockys in disguise. By the late 2000 decade, China had accumulated over $3000 billion in FOREX reserves, meaning USTreasury and Fannie Mae Bonds. In essence, the United States dispatched its industry to the Pacific Rim in the 1980 decade, but to the Chinese Economy in the 2000 decade. A ripe $23 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) took place by US corporations in the early 2000 decade, a monster investment path. Its rapid industrial expansion resulted in a magnificent FOREX reserve war chest. The Chinese used it to purchase US-based commercial buildings, US port facilities, US corporation shares, US farmland, all in legitimate manner, but then in a more sinister covert manner USGovt leaders via bribery. The Jackass wonders how much of the Langley narco business has partnership with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). My speculation is that only a small portion. My sources indicate that the industry heavily shared by Langley and the CCP is child trafficking and human organ trafficking. The so-called Deep State within the US federal government cabinet offices and many agencies, along with the 50 states governments might have over 1000 officials under CCP bribery. Thus the presidential election fraud has been interwoven with the fake pandemic and killer vaxxine episode. Lastly, the resolution (cleanup) of this Deep State treason tied to bribery is obstructed by several Chinese container vessels off the US West Coast (principally Los Angeles) which are loaded with small nuclear missiles. The same ships contain over a thousand children in captivity for trafficking and blood harvesting purposes. The USMilitary White Alliance cannot sink these ships for fear of nuclear attack on several US cities, and for risk of submerging the captive children.”


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