Why we wipe out energetically from time to time – May 31, 2022

Editor’s Note: I post this article because it relates so closely to my own friend who just “gets wiped” occasionally these days leaving her in a near comatose state!

Hers is not a “medical condition” yet those with no spiritual training may misinterpret her state. These are the moments to really consider “why” a person exhibits physical symptoms.

Of course, no truly emergent medical need should EVER be ignored, yet observing with a “grain of salt” may indeed be just the correct response, leaving us all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Below is a reply I recently sent to a lady friend. She told me that she had been physically and energetically ‘wiped out’ for a couple of days, and suspected that either a) she had picked up negative energies as a result of tending her neighbour’s apartment while said neighbour was away, of b) that a mystic she has worked with over the years was said by another to be ‘not entirely of the light’ I think you might find what came up when I dowsed her questions to be interesting.

Well, here is the result of my dowsing: 
a) You have not picked up anything from your neighbour’s apartment, be it shedding, negative influences or anything else. 
b) The same with your mystic friend. After dowsing her I received a little message: “If she were 100% light, she simply would not be here!”

I had a similar wipe out a couple of days back. It is caused for both of us by a specific characteristic of some of the incoming energy waves (which are escalating again right now). Most such waves are relatively harmonious to the human body, or at worst, neutral in their direct effects (but still require work by our bodies). But occasionally a wave comes in that is dissonant to some individuals. Then, your body has to work much harder to integrate it. This seems particularly the case with waves that are heavily laden with new ‘control codes’ and the like (every wave has these to some extent). The incoming codes are either knocking out, or modifying, existing ones and changing the systems they relate to, systems that we have been used to and relied upon for many lifetimes. Result – great turmoil in our internal systems, especially things like bodily enzymes (which are apparently being systematically upgraded / changed out). All this takes A LOT of energy – hence your’wipe out’ for a day or two.

A few years back, there was a crop circle somewhere in Dorset (England)that caused much debate as nobody seemed to understand its meaning. It was two concentric circles with several breaks in, the outer one being different from the inner one. Eventually, a biology scientist said “I recognise this. It is a rather obscure system for representing the enzymes of our bodies. The inner circle is our existing system. My sense is that the outer one suggests a new system of enzymes to come.”

To quote the web: ” Enzymes catalyze all kinds of chemical reactions that are involved in growth, blood coagulation, healing, diseases, breathing, digestion, reproduction, and many other biological activities. On biological aspects, enzymes are instrumental substances to many functions in living organisms”

The same thing appears to be happening with our hormones. Together, that is most of our body’s operational control systems, at least the chemically-based ones. If we are indeed morphing from a carbon form to a crystalline one as stated by many channelings, a huge number of changes to these systems would be needed – essentially, the whole systems being progressively swapped out I think. QED?

One thought on “Why we wipe out energetically from time to time – May 31, 2022

  1. WHEN are we going to feel good, and what will the reward for all this misery be? 12 YEARS of symptoms is ENOUGH.


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