The Beings of Light: Entanglement – Weaving an Energetic Tapestry of Humanity – May 31, 2022

In the realm of Quantum Physics, entanglement refers to a relationship that is created when energetic particles meet, remain connected, and have the ability to affect on one another.

When such interactions occur, whether it is physical or etheric, energies weave together as in a tapestry. When the interaction is positive it strengthens the fabric, otherwise it weakens it. That is why it is extremely important to monitor your thoughts and actions, because your energy intertwines with each person you meet or connect with, whether it be in person or remotely.

When you send a prayer or healing intention, directed towards a person or situation, you energetically entangle with the intended recipients. You are directing a high vibrating broadcast that can raise the energy signature of all those involved, both the senders and the receivers, as they become entangled. Once this happens, the connection remains.

The practice of blessing food before it is eaten, sends a higher energy to the meal. This connects with those involved in preparing the meal, including the farmers and workers that made the food possible. The plants and animals that make up the meal also receive the intention that is given to the food. Then when you eat, all that energy combines with yours and it makes its way to your cells.

When you infuse your food with the intention that you are getting the highest benefit from it, you will reap the the rewards.

All living things require Light to survive. Humans cannot synthesize Light as plants do. Therefore, in addition to the nutrients in your meal, you get Light by consuming plants, or animals that eat plants. The divinity that resides in you that has the power to send positive, higher energy to other beings, situations, and even other dimensions.

You are entangled with countless other people and situations. If you read a book, written by an author that lived in the past, you become entangled with the energy of that person and that time. That is why it can seem so real to you as you become engrossed in the story.

As you place your focus on higher vibrations, you take charge of the potential that is your birthright. You will discover how powerful you really are, as you infuse your desires into the outcome of the events in your life.

**Channel: Wendy Ann Zellea


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