Greetings Cosmic Sovereign Spirit Guides of the Clear Path of Light – May 31, 2022

Happy powerful New Moon in Gemini. Today on the Mayan Calendar we enter the Galactic Signature of Kin 12 Yellow Crystal Human and Moon 12 the Rabbit Crystal Moon of Cooperation and is another Magic Turtle Day where we become the dreamwalkers and weavers of the New Time of Timelessness.  We also have a powerful Trinity Portal of the 3:3:3 today. With these Powerful New Moon energies flowing we had a massive sustained beam of white light appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 42hz, 43 hz, 45 hz and a big blast of light at 50 hz. Fifth dimensional Gamma Plasma Waves flowing in.

Stay fully awake, present and aware in this Now moment as you hold the tone, keep the light, hold the line as we rise in the honor and glory of our multidimensional luminous golden spheres of influence. We are empowering and inspiring all of our tribe to live from the heart being connected to all things in all timelines, dimensions and realms for the betterment and enhancement of all Life. All sentient beings of the Pure Way are uplifted and exalted in the Signs of the New Heaven upon the New Earth. Feel your Heart being filled with Bliss, full of Joy, Peace and Happiness.

Together with Gaia and all beings of light we Arise in the Ascension Spiral to the holiest of holies, the Sacred Temple within and without. The internal mirror the external the external mirror the internal. Everything we manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven. This is why it is so important to keep the Faith, hold the visions of the New Jerusalem to guide the light to Co-Create the World we wish to experience, in service to all. All that no longer serves the collective hue-manity and Mother Earth is falling away, it is dissolving and being resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha, our Eternal Sacred Self, the God/ Goddess HEad. Infinite Source creator, the Great Mystery. I Am One with my Mother/ Father God. Separation only exists within the simulation. It is our beliefs that create our reality. change what you truly believe and your world changes in the blink of an eye.

All experiential reality is a mindset. We are all master manifestors, the problem is much of the time we manifest what we do not want. We understand or come to know what we are by experiencing what we are not. It is the eye trying to look into itself. We need a mirror for that… We are each other’s mirrors. The Mind is the Great Mirror reflecting everything perfectly. Intrinsically empty and pure form the first moment in time. Always remember that all beings are born Perfectly Awakened Buddha but this Pure Awareness is converted into the three hells, merely by false projections and interference patterns, meaning the little mind of false lower self gets in the way of the Higher Mind. As we come into the realization of our True Nature of Christ consciousness, Buddha Nature, Cosmic Awareness we know that we could never truly be separate from Source, we can only simulate that concept of duality and separation.

It is time to live in both worlds simultaneously, the one in the many and the many in the one. we maintain our individual consciousness while living in the Oneness of Unity Consciousness. We let go of judgments and limiting belief patterns as we step into our Divine Sovereignty and free ourselves in the Exodus of the fake dream into that which is Real, the Love of the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka.

Come into the Gnosis that  ‘Only Love is Real’ everything else is an illusion.

The acceleration of the evolution of Consciousness is in full swing into the next level and phase of the Great Awakening Process.

We now have the possibility to live Consciously from our Indestructible Diamond Mind of the Awakened One to transmit our Galactic Resonance as Universal Citizens of the New Golden Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. this is accessible to all…A’Ho!

and Amen

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